Congratulations: as a new dog owner, you've just entered what is undeniably one of the most exciting stages in your life. With cuddles aplenty to look forward to, there's no question that your furry friend is about to bring a whole lot of joy to your everyday!

As a new pet parent, you'll need to stock up on all the necessary supplies to welcome your new arrival - but where to start? Luckily, we've rounded up the essentials for a dog that will help you effortlessly navigate the world of pet ownership.

Save or screenshot the handy new puppy checklist we've created for you - or read on to find out a little more information on the new dog essentials to know. Before you know it, you'll be fully kitted out with all the canine must-haves for your new loyal companion that'll make them feel right at home from the start - you're welcome!

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Dog Bedding

1. Dog Bedding

Stepping into a new environment can be a frightening experience - so, welcome your pup to their fur-ever home with a comfy dog bed to snuggle up on!

Opt for a soft fleece dog bed that's not only oh-so-plush but easy to clean, or an elevated dog bed to keep them comfortable all year round.

For short-haired pooches, a heated pet bed might be just the ticket to staying toasty in winter - with fluffy interiors and heat pads, they'll be snug as a pug in a rug!

A Dog Crate & Dog Carrier

2. A Dog Crate & Dog Carrier

If you decide to crate train your puppy, pick one that's spacious enough for their breed - but avoid anything too roomy as that may encourage them to set up their own loo in a corner!

You can deck it out with a soft dog mat to make it more homely and welcoming: fluffy picks provide them with extra warmth on chilly nights and make oh-so-comfy bases to lounge on.

A crate can also double up as a handy transport option or you can opt for a more compact dog carrier to transport them to the vets for those much-needed check-ups. Don't forget a travel cushion for the very well-behaved ones that insist on riding next to you!

Dog Toys

3. Dog Toys

No home with a four-legged friend is complete without a few dog toys to keep their tails wagging. Your lovable companion will appreciate a range of options: whether you pick textured balls, plush characters or dog treat dispensers, just make sure to rotate their selection to keep them on their paws!

For baby pups especially, a soft dog toy is perfect for cuddling up to and will provide some much-needed comfort in their new home, particularly as they will be used to sleeping with their littermates.

A Dog Lead

4. A Dog Lead

Walkies will be your four-legged friend's favourite activity without a doubt (aside from chewing up your favourite loafers, of course!). Quality time with their favourite human and tons of new smells, sights and sounds to explore - what could be better?

They'll need a strong, sturdy lead to keep their excitement levels in check and teach them how their older canine friends do walks the proper way. Experienced pups may do well with an extending lead for more freedom.

A Dog Collar

5. A Dog Collar

Once you've found the perfect lead, you'll need something to clip it onto. Not only a practical solution (or a fashion statement!), dog collars are a legal requirement here in the UK - which is exactly why it should be on your new dog checklist!

Look for quick release buckles that are gentle on their necks and go for a reflective collar if you plan on taking them for walks outside of daylight hours. With so many styles to choose from, your pooch will soon be looking dapper and ready for their walk!

A Dog Harness

6. A Dog Harness

Perfect for smaller dogs and ones that like to take charge, a dog harness helps to protect their delicate spines while giving you better control to keep them out of harm's way.

Fleece padding adds an extra level of comfort and an adjustable belly strap means that the harness will grow with your pup. It's worth noting that they'll still need a collar for identification, however.

A Dog ID Tag

7. A Dog ID Tag

An absolute essential for those much-loved walks, a dog ID tag ensures that should your cute canine decide to ditch the lead and find themselves in a spot of trouble, they'll be safely returned to you - *sigh of relief*.

Simply attach to their collar with your name and address (including the postcode) to keep them safe and protected - and you within the law. With lots of styles to choose from, you can opt for a durable one or a fun purse-friendly tag to accessorise their new collar and lead!

A Dog Clothing

8. A Dog Clothing

The thought of your furry friend frolicking in the snow and catching snowflakes on their tiny tongue is probably enough to ditch the day's responsibilities when wintertime arrives - just make sure to provide pups less equipped for the cold with extra insulation through dog coat.

Short-coated pups feel the chill more intensely - so, pick up a cosy doggie jumper or waterproof jacket to keep them toasty!

Some also struggle with the cold on their paws so invest in a comfy pair of booties or non-slip socks - not only will their footpads stay protected, it will make post-walk cleaning a whole lot easier!

Dog Poop Bags

9. Dog Poop Bags

An inevitable aspect of walks for your pooch is, of course, toilet time. Make picking up after your dog easy-breezy with a set of handy dog poop bags: simply pop a few in your pocket to always be prepared.

Between scented picks and ultra-durable ones, tidying up after them won't be a messy task - and with plenty of eco-friendly options available, you can keep the planet clean in more than one way!

Dog Food

10. Dog Food

After their walkies, they'll no doubt be feeling hungry and ready to wolf down a meal! Whether you choose to feed them kibble, wet food or a raw diet, there are plenty of nutritious dog food options to choose from.

While most commercial dog food is packed with a well-balanced mix of nutrients to keep them healthy and full of energy, always check the ingredients to ensure they're getting the best quality possible.

Dog Bowls

11. Dog Bowls

When it comes to serving up, there's a whole array of feeding and watering supplies to choose from - whether you want your pup to dine like a king or simply keep food off the floor! Stainless steel ones are easy to clean and keep hygienic, while heavy-bottomed bowls are harder to knock over.

An extra nifty way of keeping them topped up with nutrients, automatic pet feeders are ideal for long days at work or short trips away - simply fill up and set your preferred time slots for fuss-free feeding when you've got the neighbour checking in on them!

Dog Treats

12. Dog Treats

Whether they've learnt a new trick or been a particularly good boy (or girl!), they deserve a little something to keep their tails wagging. Having a selection of delectable dog treats on hand is a great way to reward your lovable companion - just make sure to keep it within reason!

Low-calorie dog treats like cooked asparagus are ideal, but for dogs that prefer a meaty snack, there are plenty of healthy bite-size options that won't interfere with their diet.

A Dog Brush

13. A Dog Brush

A vital part of grooming, the type of dog brush you choose will depend on the breed and length of their coat.

Opt for a mitt to loosen dead skin and hair on short-haired pups before following up with a bristle brush for a smooth polish. For pooches with medium to long-haired coats, a metal pinhead brush will gently remove matted fur and knots.

Dog Shampoo & Dog Conditioner

14. Dog Shampoo & Dog Conditioner

Bathing your cuddly canine can seem like a tricky task but with the right approach, it doesn't have to be. Try to only bathe them when necessary - whether they've developed an unpleasant odour or found themselves to be a little overenthusiastic with the muddy puddles on their walk!

When it does come to bathing time, a mild, gentle hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner tends to be suitable for most pups with healthy skin and coats - although who can resist a handy spray conditioner? Dogs have different pH levels to humans so don't be tempted to use one of your own!

A Dog Toothbrush & Dog Toothpaste

15. A Dog Toothbrush & Dog Toothpaste

Dental care is often sadly overlooked for our canine friends, which is exactly why a dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste feature on our dog and puppy checklist!

Unlike our own, dog toothpaste is often flavoured with pooch-approved tastes like meat, malt and (slightly more appetizing) mint! For stubborn pups, a finger toothbrush may be a good alternative to a standard brush.

Dog Chews

16. Dog Chews

To exercise their jaws and keep their teeth in check, keep a dog chew or two on hand. All pooches are different so it might take time finding the perfect one but it's certainly worth it for the stimulation and hours of fun they'll experience!

For canines with sensitive stomachs or those on a special diet, opt for a rubber chew that can be stuffed with treats suitable for their health needs or try low-calorie sticks. Certain animal parts such as bully sticks, tripe and tendon make safe edible choices for pups without diet restrictions.

Flea Treatment For Dogs

17. Flea Treatment For Dogs

Unfortunately, fleas just love the fluffy, warm coats of our cuddly canines and it will inevitably be something you'll have to deal with at one point or another! However, there are plenty of flea control options that'll keep this problem in check.

To avoid repeated itching and scratching, stock up on flea protection and keep these pesky passengers at bay. Some treatments are preventative while others work in just 15 minutes to bring relief to your furry friend.

Puppy Toilet Training Pads

18. Puppy Toilet Training Pads

When it comes to housetraining your beloved puppy, this is an essential that will undoubtedly be top of your puppy shopping list!

A set of puppy training pads or a durable reusable training mat will make house training an easy-peasy task. Some pads are specially scented to attract puppies and lock away odours while others use visual elements to encourage outdoor toileting, such as a grass-like coating!

A Dog Stain & Odour Remover

19. A Dog Stain & Odour Remover

House training a puppy takes time so if they've had an accident, make sure to use an enzymatic cleaner to wash away any stains and odours.

They work by breaking down and eliminating the mess to stop attracting your pup back to the same spot - ensuring they won't make a habit of it! With choices for different surfaces, cleaning up after your pooch will be easy, safe and hygienic.

A Dog Gate & Exercise Plan

20. A Dog Gate & Exercise Plan

Finally, one for busy pet parents, a dog gate will stop your pup from roaming freely around the house - not only protecting certain rooms but also keeping your four-legged friend out of harm's way.

You can opt for a retractable safety gate for minimal style interference or a traditional pressure fitted one. Pet pens are great for providing extra space for your pooch to play when you're not always there to supervise, keeping them happy and safe until you return.

Now that you're equipped with all the knowledge thanks to our list of puppy essentials and dog supplies, you can look forward to welcoming your new addition and starting your journey as a pet parent.

With plenty of opportunities for bonding, playing and training, you're hopefully prepared for a life that's thrilling and completely rewarding - whether you're adopting an older four-legged friend or picking up a baby pup!

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