Anti-Tip Safety Straps

Helping to secure your home and ensure your child is safe from any unwanted accidents around large furniture, anti-tip safety straps are a quick and convenient solution that'll slot into any home with ease. Read More >
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About Anti-Tip Safety Straps

As your toddler takes his or her first steps, it is crucial to ensure they are kept safe from any accidents caused by the tipping over of furniture. It may sound daunting, but securing large items such as TV's, chest of drawers and wardrobes to the wall or ground is much easier than you'd think.

Thanks to our selection of anti-tip safety straps from the likes of Dreambaby and Clippsafe, you'll be breathing long sighs of relief when they decide to go and explore on their own.

Simply clip, screw or fasten the strap to the back of your TV or cabinet, and attach the other end to the wall. Crafted from ultra-durable materials with surprisingly discreet designs, they are designed to last.

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