Hot Tub Cover Lifters & Spa Cover Stands

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OnBuy has a brilliant selection of quality cover lifters from the hot tub heavyweights that do it best - we’re talking Cover Valet, Leisure Concepts and plenty more. And with an array of great deals available, uncover a bargain today! Read More >
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About Hot Tub Cover Lifters & Spa Cover Stands

There are a variety of reasons why you should use a cover lifter on your hot tub or spa. Removing a hot tub cover usually requires two people and is often thought of as a difficult or inconvenient task. Cue OnBuy’s game-changing range of hot tub cover lifters. Wave goodbye to potential accidents and invest in a cover lifter to ensure that your hot tub or spa can be opened and closed quickly, safely, and by one person!

Hot tub cover lifters make it easier than ever to access your beloved spa or hot tub - meaning you will potentially use it more often! What’s more, investing in a cover lifter will help keep your hot tub cover off the ground, promoting a longer life.  

Covers are easily damaged when off the tub; they get stood on, sat-upon, or even used as a sunbeds! All of these scenarios can be avoided by opting for a cover lifter, to ‘park’ the cover out of harm’s way whilst the tub is being used. Covers on tubs fitted with cover lifters invariably enjoy a longer life than those without!

Browse OnBuy's fantastic selection of cover lifters today - and remember to filter your search by price or brand to find exactly what you're looking for.