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Hot Tub Fragrances & Hot Tub Aromatherapy Products

Create the perfect mood in your hot tub and allow yourself to be whisked away to a land of pure relaxation with our brilliant selection of hot tub fragrances and crystals here at OnBuy. Treat yourself to a truly special hot tub experience with our great choices - which will you try first? Read More >
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About Hot Tub Fragrances & Hot Tub Aromatherapy Products

It's hard to imagine a hot tub being any more relaxing, right? Wrong! Take your hot tub experience to the next level by adding a hot tub fragrance or some hot tub crystals for a truly out of this world soak. 

Hot tub fragrances and crystals are a quick way to set the mood and add a delightful aroma to your tub - perfect for treating yourself to an enhanced late night soak, or a romantic date night with that special someone! Crystals have the added benefit of leaving your muscles relaxed and your skin silky post-dip, great if you want to replicate a spa experience from the comfort of your own garden.

Not sure which scent to choose? Here are some of our favourites...

  • Jasmine - A delightfully soothing scent, pick a fragrance with jasmine notes to set a relaxing vibe. A great fragrance to set the mood for a date night!
  • Lavender - Boost your mood while relaxing your body with a lavender fragrance! A classic calming fragrance sure to please. 
  • Peppermint - Try a fragrance with peppermint and allow the minty fresh smell to calm you, relieve your tension, and stimulate your senses.

Still can't choose? Why not try the inSPAration Gift Pack - it contains twelve different fragrances so you test them all!