The tips you need to know to keep your kids safe on hoverboards

Published 21st November 2022
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Hoverboards are a super hot topic right now. Eco-friendly, eye-catching and, of course, FUN, they’re more than just a way to get around. But how can you be sure your kids are staying safe on one, and are there any markers of a good-quality model? 

Follow our tips to find out…


1. Practise in an open space first

This may sound obvious, but the safest place to practise is an open space. That way there are fewer things for them to bump in to! It’s always a good idea to keep their pockets empty, too, just in case they take a tumble. 

Remember: Hoverboards can only be ridden on private property in the UK. They can’t be used on public roads or footpaths.

To find out more about the different types of hoverboards, including models specifically designed for kids, check out our all-purpose guide to all things hoverboard!


2. Take care of your hoverboard

Riding a hoverboard is exhilarating and fun once you get the hang of it, but every beginner will have some difficulty when it comes to balance and control. 

It’s really important to remember that hoverboards have a limit. It’s fine to experience a few bumps along the way, but these devices need to be properly maintained if they’re going to live a long and safe life. Prolonged use can affect performance, so stick to four to five hours per day as a maximum.


3. Look out for certifications

The best way to determine the quality of a hoverboard is by double-checking its certifications and safety features. Reputable brands will only offer products that have been tried and tested, to comply with the necessary EU regulations. Look out for models that have been marked as ‘UL 2272 certified’ - this is your first indication that they’re safe to ride.

Also take the manufacturer’s age recommendation into account. Most hoverboards are designed for children aged eight and above, though the right size will often depend on their height, as well as their speed and board weight preferences.

Take a look through our handy blog on the best child-friendly hoverboards available to find their perfect match in an instant!

Read It Now!


4. Don't overcharge!

Overcharging your hoverboard can affect its performance in the long-run, so try to stay close-by whenever you plug it in (for a maximum of four hours). Don’t leave it to charge overnight, either, as this can cause the battery to overheat.


5. Stock up on safety gear

Just as they would when learning to ride a bike, kids should always wear safety gear (like helmets and safety pads) on a hoverboard, particularly if they’re a beginner. It can take some time to master the art of balance and coordination, so this extra cushioning should help to prevent any nasty cuts and scrapes.


6. Don't ride at night

Though most hoverboards come with LED lights as standard, they’re not usually very bright, so are unlikely to illuminate their riders in the dark. If your little one does decide to go for a spin at night, encourage them to wear hi-vis jackets or light clothing with reflective strips.


7. Don’t treat hoverboards like skateboards!

Attempting impressive tricks on a hoverboard could lead to less than impressive results! Skateboards are designed for this type of activity, with lightweight and durable parts that can withstand a fair amount of wear-and-tear. 

Hoverboards, on the other hand, contain sensitive parts that are very delicate, so shouldn’t be used to perform stunts. This could eventually damage the battery, leading to a significant decrease in its range.


8. Avoid harsh weather conditions

Hoverboards aren’t suited to wet climates, or overly hot ones, either. If they don’t advertise themselves as waterproof or water-resistant, avoid riding them in the rain.

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