Can Openers

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Some of the best (and lets face it, easiest) dinners are crafted with canned ingredients - so add one of OnBuy's surprisingly stylish can openers into your kitchen repertoire and make unlocking the full potential of your menu easier and quicker than ever. Result! Read More >

About Can Openers

It may not be the most glamorous utensil nestled in our kitchen drawer, but we can all agree life would be a lot trickier without the humble can opener! Luckily, we've rounded up an extensive range of tin openers that'll make the struggle of opening tricky tins a thing of the past, and getting into those beans, soups, and fruits easy-breezy.

You'll find an array of traditional manual can openers on offer - including rubber grip can openers that are great for giving you a sturdy opening angle! Alternatively, opt for one of our electric can openers; they're ideal for those who find it tricky to operate a manual model (it can't just be us, right?). These nifty automatic can openers will whizz around the can in moments, doing all the hard work for you - result!

You'll even find ring pull can openers that'll put an end to broken nails and sore fingers, granting you access to those tricky tins effortlessly. What more could you want?