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For a lawn as fresh as the turf at Wimbledon, turn to OnBuy's lawn mowers and accessories range where you'll find all the tools, machines and gadgets to keep yours in tip-top condition. With options for petite gardens and huge spaces alike, every square inch of your paradise will be taken care of!

A perfectly manicured lawn is what every gardening guru dreams of. Luckily, OnBuy's selection of garden lawn mowers is here to make your wishes come true! With the products provided by our brilliant verified sellers, you’ll soon show those errant grass stalks who’s the king around here!

Lawn mower power

We have some very famous lawn mower brands in this category (Hyundai, Bosch and Einhell to name just a few) and truly exceptional models, but they aren’t all the same. In the following paragraphs we’ll outline the different types of lawn mowers you can purchase at OnBuy and why they might be the best for your lawn.

These days the most common kind of lawn mowers are electric lawn mowers. They require a lot less maintenance than other lawn mowers and they’re relatively small, light and easy to move around. A few years ago you could only get electric lawn mowers with a power cable. This limited how far you could move with them and often necessitated buying an extension lead, plus you could permanently ruin your mower if you ran over the cable by mistake. If that’s a deal breaker you’ll find cordless, battery operated electric lawn mowers in this category. If it was just the price of using a lawn mower, you can still pick up corded electric mowers, and they’re a lot cheaper than cordless varieties. Electric mowers tend to best suited for small to medium sized lawns.

The other type of motor common to lawn mowers is an internal combustion engine that runs on petrol (or gasoline, if you live State-side). Petrol powered lawn mowers tend to be more powerful than one that runs on electricity. This means that longer and tougher blades of grass will still be cut down to size and can be used anywhere, for much longer than a battery powered mower. This makes them the best lawn mowers for large gardens - you can even get ride on mowers for maximum gardening dominance. However, they are harder to maintain (all that oil can get pretty messy!) and expensive, both to buy outright and to fuel.

The final fuel form is good old fashioned push power! The original lawn mowers, made long before electricity or small petrol engines were as ubiquitous as they are today, push lawn mowers are slow, hard going and might not cut through tough grass without a lot of elbow grease and repeat applications. Still, they’re very cost effective for small lawns and are the greenest option!

Cutting styles

As well as fuel system, the other thing you’ll need to decide on is which type of cutting system you prefer. Like motor power there are three: cylinder, rotary and hover. Cylinder lawn mowers have rotating blades that swish over and over across the lawn contained in a large cylinder. They create the neatest, shortest finishes to your lawn as their blades get very close to the ground. However, their blades are prone to getting caught or gummed up with long shoots of grass, so not great if your lawn is thick and shaggy.

Rotary lawn mowers have a tri-bladed design, a little like the propellers of an old aircraft, just pointed at the ground on a horizontal axis. They’re not the neatest, but they are very efficient. They work well with all types of grass. Hover lawn mowers are very similar to rotary lawn mowers, but the chief difference is that they hover over the grass on a thin cushion of air. That air pocket means that your lawn will never be pristine, but you might prefer their practical nature: They’re very light, and can be moved in any direction, unlike traditional designs can only move backwards and forwards.

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