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An innovative mix of travelogue and armchair travel, this book is presented as an ideal photo album of a trip to Morocco the kind of album that everyone wishes they had the time or skill to put together, without the hassle of sifting through crumpled leaflets or fuzzy photos of monuments hidden behind the heads of strangers. Organized thematically rather than geographically, each chapter reflects one of the travellers abiding impressions: the vibrant colours of the souks and textiles; the hubbub of its city streets; the country's natural phenomena and more. It is also peppered throughout with reproductions of such mementos as posters, ticket stubs, newspaper cuttings, labels and postcards.
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Details for Morocco
  • 9780500291450 (EAN)
Detailed Product Information:
Book Details
AuthorCecile Treal
PublisherThames & Hudson Ltd
Book TypePaperback
Release Date07/07/2014

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