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What Your Face Mask Says About You

Published 29th January 2021
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COVID-19 has changed our lives in many different ways. From packing up our offices and setting up shop on our dining room tables to figuring out how to keep fit from home, there's a whole host of ‘new normals’ we’ve had to adopt in the last year. One of the biggest changes to our daily lives is having to wear a face mask when we go out in public. Love them or hate them, there’s so much more to a face mask than just a scrap of fabric you put over your mouth and nose - they say a lot more about your personality than you first thought…

So, what does your choice of face mask say about you?

The one who’s always late | The surgical mask

surgical mask

You like to live life on the edge and disorganisation practically runs in your blood. You do have a reusable face mask somewhere, but you probably had to grab an emergency surgical one from the local off-license after forgetting which coat pocket you left yours in. To you, time is a construct and punctuality is just a rule that’s begging to be broken. Good things are worth waiting for, right? As Gandalf said: “A wizard is never late… He arrives precisely when he means to”- and this couldn’t be more true for you! Ultimately, it’s your world and the rest of us are simply living in it. Nice.

The crafty one | The homemade face mask

Homemade face masks

You enjoy getting creative and love nothing more than strutting your stuff in a fully-bespoke outfit – right down to the home-knitted socks! You love that face coverings are becoming more of a fashion statement and jumped at the opportunity to turn your favourite fabric into a stylish accessory. With all this time in lockdown, you’ve mastered the art of face-mask-making and can’t wait to give some to all your loved ones - you’re practically the Oprah of your friends and family. You get a face mask! And you get a face mask! Everybody gets a face mask!

The one who prefers to blend in | The black face mask

black face mask

Black face masks are functional and practical, much like you are. You mean business and know exactly how to get what you want, but don’t want to draw lots of attention to yourself while you do it. You’re a chameleon who prefers to blend into the background and you enjoy nothing more than people-watching. Silent but deadly, you’re a force to be reckoned with and nothing gets past you.

The fashionista | The designer mask

designer face masks

You’re known as the stylish one of the group and love nothing more than capturing those Insta-worthy shots while you’re out and about. Nothing makes you happier than when all eyes are on you and you wouldn’t dream of stepping out of the house in anything less than the no.1 trending brand. You never fail to miss an opportunity to show off your expensive taste and figure that the best way to display your passion for fashion is to do so right on your face. Your designer face mask probably cost you an arm and a leg but, darling, it costs a lot to look this good!

The class clown | The funny face mask

funny face masks

If you opt for a funny face mask, you were probably nominated the class clown and love to make people laugh. From telling a good dad joke to performing some questionable slapstick comedy, your biggest goal in life is to put a smile on peoples’ faces - and what better time to enjoy some light relief than now? Okay, so your giant grinning face mask is more ‘The Shining’ than ‘The Hangover’, but you think it’s hilarious and that’s all that matters!

The one who likes to stand out | The colourful face mask

colourful face mask

The words ‘quirky’ and ‘unique’ have followed you throughout your life, but you love being known for your weird and wonderful nature. You never pass up an opportunity to show off your unconventional fashion sense and you get umpteen compliments on your look every day. You probably favour second-hand clothing shops and love to mix and match prints and patterns. From bright tie-dye to fab florals, you most likely have a different mask to match every one of your outfits and switch them up accordingly.

The doomsday prepper | The respirator mask

respirator masks

If a heavy-duty respirator mask is your face covering of choice, you’re pretty hardcore and are always prepared for an emergency. You probably have a fully fleshed-out plan for the zombie apocalypse and even have an underground bunker in your garden just in case. While you enjoy spooking the locals in your respirator mask, sightings of you are few and far between. With a stash of supplies at the ready, why bother going outside when you can spend your days playing video games and watching your favourite horror movies?

The mum special | The fabric face mask

fabric face mask

If your face covering of choice is one that your mum made, you deserve a special place in the face mask hall of fame - not to mention the top spot for World’s Best Child! Your mum is obviously your superhero and whether you wear your mask to spare her feelings or show it off with pride, you fully appreciate the effort she put into it. Sure, it’s a little ill-fitting, with elastic so long you have to knot it five times just to get it to stay on your ears, but it’s the thought that counts! Bonus points if she upcycled it from an old t-shirt or tablecloth.

The self-care ambassador | The skincare face mask

skin care face mask

If you hear the word ‘face mask’ and automatically think of the pampering kind, you’re definitely a high-key beauty buff! You’re into all things self-care and love nothing more than slipping into your PJs, putting on a chick flick and tucking into your favourite tub of ice cream before carrying out your lengthy night-time beauty regime. Your makeup bag is full of all sorts of rejuvenating lotions and potions, jade rollers and massagers, and you’re forever being asked to drop your skincare routine. Just because you have to cover your face in public, it doesn’t mean your skin has to suffer - in fact, it’s just another excuse to treat yourself to your favourite beauty products!

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