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Maths Equipment

A new school year fast approaches, and that means months of mathematics! Whether your child is still learning their times table or they’re comfortably solving complex algebra, our Maths Equipment edit has everything they’ll need. You’ll have to trust us though - we can’t show our working out! Read more about Maths Equipment >

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About Maths Equipment

It might not be everyone’s favourite subject, but a strong grasp on mathematics will set your child up for the future. To get the most out of their arithmetic lessons, your child will need a comprehensive set of mathematical instruments - that’s just what this edit is for! So get perusing for protractors now!


Almost as ubiquitous as pens and pencils, rulers are the most widely used instrument in this category. As useful for underlining titles as they are for drawing straight lines and solving maths problems, it’s no wonder that we have a massive assortment of rulers for you to pick from. 

You’ll find transparent rulers that allow your child to see the worksheet underneath. These rulers are particularly brilliant for connecting large shapes together, as your little one will soon suss if they’ve travelled off course. 

For when accuracy is less important your child will adore some of the more colourful rulers among our collection. As well as vibrant hues from all over the spectrum, there are also cool designs up for grabs! Your little one can snap through their maths questions with the help of a crocodile-themed ruler, or create quick doodles in the centre of a hollowed out ruler. With so many different designs your child is bound to find one that they love.

Other maths equipment

As well as rulers your little one is going to need a host of less common, but still vital, maths equipment. There are two other ways that your child will measure dimensions in the classroom: A tape measure and a pair of callipers. Each tape measure in this edit is unique, with a host of colourful designs, maximum measuring distances and locking mechanisms. Our selection of callipers is smaller, but these tools are no less useful - they’re great for measuring the dimensions of physical objects.

On the other end of the scale (literally) comes the micrometer. True to their name, this device measures distances in units much smaller than you can use a ruler, tape measurer or callipers for. A micrometer is a useful tool for high-end mathematics. If your teenager is studying for their final exams, one of these measurers of the minute might come in handy. 

Of course, distances are only one of the things your little one will be measuring in maths class. The other is angles, and for that they’ll need a protractor. The protractors you’ll find in this edit have two sets of angles. This allows your special star to measure acute and obtuse angles that travel across both the left and right of the page. 

While many of the protractors among our virtual shelves are semi-circular, you’ll also come across the so-called ‘full’ protractor too. These plastic circles give your child the full 360° range that they’ll need to solve the most difficult geometry problem. 

Often traced back to the Roman empire, the compass has been used for decades to draw building blueprints and help with navigation. In this edit you’ll find lots of excellent compasses your child can use in the classroom. Useful for drawing geometric shapes, every compass amongst our virtual shelves will help your special star draw a perfect circle.

Finally, to help teach basic mathematics, it’s time to go old school. The oldest form of mathematical instrument, the abacus, was essential for adding up in the ancient world. Some might assume it’s obsolete, but if you’re raising a toddler, shopping an abacus at OnBuy is a great way to teach them simple addition and subtraction, as they’re very useful and tactile tools.

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