Top 6 Trapper Hats For Men

Beating The Chill: Our Top 6 Trapper Hats For Men

Published 12th February 2021
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With its well-recognised style, thermal qualities and snuggle-soft fabric, the trapper hat is an excellent way to stay warm in even the coldest of climates. Donned by some of the biggest names in the world, including Jay-Z and Jared Leto, these warming winter hats combine both fashion and functionality, keeping you cosy without sacrificing style! 

Whether you’re after a hat that will protect you from the frosty weather on those chilly morning walks or are an adventure-lover looking for some headwear that will endure your favourite winter activities, we’ve got you covered (quite literally!) with our line-up of the six top trapper hats you can buy right now. So, dig out your wellies, wrap up in your favourite coat, and prepare to brave the harsh British weather in your brand new (and totally trendy) trapper hat.

What’s a trapper hat?

What’s a trapper hat?

The trapper hat first originated in the 1600s, designed for those that were hunting in brutally cold climates in places such as Canada, Alaska and Russia. Famously recognisable for its fur trims and ear flaps, this iconic piece of headwear has been worn by generations of outdoor explorers from all across the globe. 

Fast forward to the present-day, and trapper hats are no longer limited to those wearing them purely for necessity. Trapper hats have undergone a full makeover to present the casual appearance they have today. Not only that, many brands have taken different spins on the trapper style, bringing them in line with modern fashion trends, which we’ll explore a little later in this guide.

Are trapper hats warm?

Are trapper hats warm?

Due to their design, trapper hats are the perfect headwear choice against cold or harsh weather, keeping your whole head toasty and protected from the elements. If you suffer from cold ears or bad circulation in the winter months, the trapper hats’ distinctive ear flaps will keep you nice and cosy. Ideal for skiing, winter holidays or to simply wear in the chillier seasons, this style of hat is a particularly popular option in men’s winter fashion.

Often adorned with faux or real fur and lined with thermal fabric, these hats offer peerless comfort and warmth, with an oh-so sumptuous style that practically emanates sophistication. Typically finished off with a clip or tie at the bottom, these hats aren’t only designed to keep the top of your head warm but your chin, too. Needless to say, when it comes to warming winter accessories, you can’t go wrong with a trapper hat.

How to measure your head

Wearing the right sized hat makes all the difference! A hat too big can quickly make you look lost within it, and a hat too small is uncomfortable and can bring on unwanted headaches. Unsure as to what size you should choose for your trapper hat? Grab a tape measure and watch this video below on how to measure your head for the perfect fit and ultimate comfort.

The best trapper hats for men

best trapper hats for men

With our top six trapper hats, you don’t need to worry about having to choose between style or substance. In this guide, we’ll outline a wide range of different types of trapper hats to suit your taste and needs, all without compromising the warmth, protection and cosiness of the traditional headwear. So, now we understand the history behind the hat and how to measure yourself for the perfect fit, let’s get into the list of our top trapper hat recommendations!

Walker And Hawkes Unisex Tweed Trapper Flat Cap With Foldable Ear Flaps

Walker And Hawkes Unisex Tweed Trapper Flat Cap With Foldable Ear Flaps

Pros: Comes in a selection of colours and sizes, a modern twist on the trapper design, fleece-lined inside the ear flaps for extra warmth, water repellent

Cons: Doesn’t have the traditional trapper hat style, no straps to tie up ear flaps under your chin

Think ‘Peaky Blinder’ with this classic flat cap with a trapper twist from Walker and Hawkes. Differing from other trapper styles, this hat boasts a tweed finish that’s available in various colours and sizes.

Its unique top-quality tweed fabric is Teflon coated, repelling water droplets and protecting it from stains. Its quilted padding lining adds to its comfort level while wearing, and the fleece-lined ear flaps add an extra layer for insulation. Although it doesn’t feature straps to clip the ear flaps out of the way, they are tuckable under the hat, giving you the style of two hats in one!

Lambland Men’s Double Faced Genuine Sheepskin Trapper Hat

Lambland Men’s Double Faced Genuine Sheepskin Trapper Hat

Pros: Warm sheepskin lining for extra cosiness, comes in a selection of colours and sizes, made entirely in the UK

Cons: Not waterproof, may not be suitable for more physical outdoor activities as the tie on the ear flaps aren’t the most secure

This practical yet stylish option is designed to give supreme protection from the blustery wind and crisp weather. Created with genuine double-faced sheepskin, this hat offers superior warmth and luxury, as well as the quality and durability you’d expect from a piece of outdoor headwear. 

Available in two neutral shades, you can choose the best colour to suit your favourite winter coat. Convenient straps on the ear flaps give you the option to either tie up under your chin to keep your neck warm or conveniently tie up over your head when they’re not needed.

What’s more, this trendy hat has been entirely handmade by a UK-based, family-run business, so you can feel good about supporting locally - perfect!

Extremities Hat Ajo Trapper One Size Grey

Extremities Hat Ajo Trapper One Size Grey

Pros: Waterproof for rain and snow, faux fur trim for extra warmth, features straps with poppers to tie-up under the chin or overhead.

Cons: Only available in grey, one-size-fits-all design doesn’t account for individual needs

Come rain, wind or snow, this waterproof trapper hat is an excellent option for the cold weather. Waterproof, windproof and faux fur-lined, this trendy hat keeps you comfortable, warm and dry, offering the best of both worlds - whatever the weather. Don’t be put off by the faux fur: this nifty addition offers the same warmth and protection from the cold as the real deal, but comes with a much more pocket-friendly price tag attached. What more could you want?

If that wasn’t enough, the chin straps come with a handy buckle strap which can be clipped out of the way if needed, giving the traditional appearance worthy of the North American winters. A practical and protective piece of headwear, this hat is ideal for all outdoor activities as well as everyday use.

Thick Faux Fur & PU Leather Trapper Hat With Earflaps

Thick Faux Fur & PU Leather Trapper Hat With Earflaps

Pros: Universal design, faux-fur lining for extra protection, straps with poppers to tie-up under chin or overhead

Cons: Only available in one colour, may not be suitable for all outdoor activities

Similar to the aviator, this fur trapper hat is also reminiscent of its not-so-distant cousin, the Russian Ushanka. This versatile option boasts a handy one-size-fits-all design, PU leather straps and convenient poppers to secure under your chin or tie up over your head on the milder days.

Its snug faux-fur exterior and PU leather outer shell make this casual trapper hat a truly stylish option - not to mention incredibly warm, even in the harshest of winters!

Army Trapper Hat Foreign Legion Cold Weather Cap

Army Trapper Hat Foreign Legion Cold Weather Cap

Pros: Features a baseball hat flat peak, lined with fleece and inner quilting for comfort and insulation, features straps to tie-up under the chin or overhead, variety of colours

Cons: Only available in S, not waterproof so may not be suitable for all outdoor activities

A modern take on the traditional trapper, this superb baseball-style hat features a flat peak, making it the perfect mix of both conventional and contemporary. Available in classic black, stylish olive or cool camo, you can choose the perfect colour to suit your taste or grab all three to match with every outfit you own.

Ideal for chilly days, its fleece-lined ear flaps can be tied together with adjustable straps either under your chin for extra protection or on the top of the hat out of the way. The cosy quilted inner lining only adds to this hat’s superior comfort and insulation, keeping you snug in all winter weather conditions.

Men’s Waterproof Fleece Lined Winter Thermal Trooper Trapper Hat

Men’s Waterproof Fleece Lined Winter Thermal Trooper Trapper Hat

Pros: Water-resistant outer shell, fur-like fleece thermal lining, machine washable, variety of sizes

Cons: Only available in black, not the most breathable material

Designed to keep you warm, dry and comfortable, this fur trapper hat has got you covered - no matter the weather or activity! Its water-resistant nylon fabric outer shell will keep rain and snow out and prevent your head from getting cold while you’re on the go.

This hat’s fully adjustable chin strap allows for a comfortable fit, while its ear flaps can also be clipped overhead when they’re not needed. It’s also machine washable, making it the perfect hat for all messy, muddy outdoor activities.

Featuring a plush, fur-like fleece thermal lining, this must-have accessory maximises the amount of warm air held close to the skin, ensuring that your head, ears and even the sides of your face are kept warm and snug - even in the coldest conditions!

Let the adventure begin!

Let the adventure begin!

Offering a combination of comfort and style, the trapper hat definitely is the must-have accessory of the season! To discover an even greater selection, take a look at our range of trendy trapper hats and pick up the perfect winter warmer for you. 

Alternatively, if you’re still unsure as to whether trapper hats are what you’re after, take a look at our full range of men’s hats for plenty of fashion inspiration. From baseball caps to beanies and everything in between, you’re sure to find a whole host of seasonal must-haves to spark your stylish side among our extensive selection. 

The information in this buyer’s guide is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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