Best & Warmest Winter Hats For Men

The Best & Warmest Winter Hats For Men

Published 14th January 2021
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There’s nothing worse than the pain of ears that have been frozen by the wicked winter winds, so protect them and wrap up warm with a winter hat. We’ve all heard the old wives’ tale that we lose 45-50% of our body heat through our heads. This may have been officially debunked (it’s actually more like 10%) but it is still important to bundle up in the colder months to stay comfortable and to fend off things like illnesses and (heaven forbid) frost bite.

Whether you have a short but chilly commute, or you’re spending long hours outside (for fun or for work), make sure to protect yourself from the cold with a hat. You may think you don’t look good in one, but OnBuy knows better. Thanks to our guide to the best men’s winter hats, you’ll be able to stay cosy and still look great - result!

What makes a good men’s winter hat?

Winter hats

So we talk the talk but can we wear the hat? How do you choose the best winter hat for you? There are literally hundreds of different styles of winter hats for men to choose from but we aren’t here to talk you through the differences between a trilby and a stetson. Instead, allow us to illuminate you on the best way to judge the right hat for your needs, and highlight some features that may be beneficial to you. 

A good winter hat for men will use high-quality materials in order to keep you as warm as possible. Materials such as fleece, knitted fabrics, faux (or real) fur and wool are among the most common. Each has its own benefits. What do you expect from your hat - are you going to be needing it during the wet and windy British winter? Or are you going skiing and need something to keep your ears protected from minus-temperatures? The material matters!

Wool, for example, is naturally water-resistant and will help keep your head dry in wet weather which is why wool tweed caps are traditionally favoured by farmers. Fur trims dissipate the intensity of the wind, protecting your face and ears from extreme weather and is ideal for visiting very cold countries. You can even find winter hats that are quilted and padded with down, making for a hat that feels like a tiny duvet for your ears - bliss! Beyond their functionality, different materials also offer a different look and style and are very much down to personal preference. 

The next feature of your hat to consider is the design! Do you need a brim to keep the winter sun or rain from your eyes? Would you prefer ear flaps that you can tie up out of the way? Or perhaps you need just a slimline beanie that can be worn on its own or under a hood? The decision of style is up to you but believe us when we say that you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The best warm men’s hats

Beanie hats

So, now you’ve worked out the type of material you want, allow us to introduce the best of the best for you to choose from. Here are some of the most popular hat styles, some pros and cons about each style, and our recommendations for the very best of the best. Let’s get started!


For a modern and contemporary look, you can’t go wrong with a beanie. Also known as tuques (pronounced too-ks), woolly hats, and goobalinis, these men’s bobble hats are some of the best and more versatile options when it comes to keeping your head warm. They are typically made from knitted materials and can be as slimline, chunky, or baggy as you desire and can even sport things like logos, pop-culture references and fun pom poms. Whether you want a beanie that shows off your love for your favourite TV show or want one made from recycled materials, there is so much choice you’re bound to find one you absolutely love.

Pros: Great at keeping your head warm.

Cons: Not usually waterproof.

Best beanie for bikers

Yamaha beanie

This black Yamaha beanie hat is the perfect gift for any biker in your life. The double-layer knit will keep your head nice and toasty while the soft-touch acrylic material ensures you stay comfortable.

For the great outdoors

Scruffs peaked beanie

On those sunny days out on the slopes or just for time spent outdoors, you can’t go wrong with this Scruffs peaked beanie. Featuring a peaked front to protect your eyes from sun, rain and snow, and shielded sides to protect your ears, this slimline beanie is perfect for work or play.

For reliable comfort

Tresspass beanie hat

Looking for a men’s bobble hat from a reliable brand? Pick up this Tresspass beanie hat in a variety of colours with a fun pom pom on the top for the perfect finishing touch to your winter look.

Flat caps

flat cap

The flat cap was the hat of choice for fashionable men in the 1920s. Thanks to television series such as Peaky Blinders, flat caps have come roaring back into fashion again and are a great way to add some stylish flair to your autumn and winter outfits - perfect for wearing to winter events, or even just as part of your daily routine.

The brim of your flat cap helps to prevent sun and rain from getting in your eyes and many styles offer a protective neckband as well. Flat caps often feature materials such as wool and tweed which offer a natural level of warmth and water resistance and are lined for added warmth as well. If you want it to be fully waterproof you’ll need to treat your cap with waterproofing treatment but the natural oils in the wool will offer you some protection from rain and wet weather.

Pros:The peak helps protect your eyes from the sun and rain.

Cons: Doesn’t offer a lot of protection for very cold weather.

The best traditional-style flat cap

Walker and Hawkes tweed flat cap

Inject some of that 1920s style into your outdoor activities with the Walker and Hawkes tweed flat cap. Featuring protective ear flaps to help keep you cosy and comfortable, you’ll love wearing this cap whether you’re on a dog walk, shooting clay pigeons, or just enjoying time outdoors.

A contemporary take on a classic

grey faux fur flat cap

If you like to put a modern twist to tradition, pick up this grey faux fur flat cap. It features the traditional flat cap silhouette but boasts the added warmth of faux fur as well as protective ear and neck flaps.

Trapper hats

Trapper hats

Trapper hats love winter - even if you don’t. Also known as bomber hats, these warm hats are hybrids of Russian ushankas (literally meaning “ear hat”) and men’s aviator hats and are the perfect solution to cold ears in the deep winter. Available in all kinds of materials such as wool, leather or waterproof fabric, and typically boasting some kind of fur or shearling lining, these hats feature warm and cosy ear flaps which can be secured under the chin or tied up out of the way depending on your needs. Very often, the materials are waterproof to help protect your head from snow and rain. For those who spend any amount of time outside in the cold weather, a trapper hat is not only a stylish option but a cosy and protective essential.

Pros: Extra warm for the coldest winter weather.

Cons: Can be quite bulky.

Warm and waterproof

Beechfield Unisex Winter Urban Trapper Hat

For staying dry during even the rainiest, snowiest weather, the Beechfield winter trapper hat is for you. Made from waxed 100% cotton canvas with a faux fur lining, this men’s winter hat featuring comfortable ear flaps will keep you cosy even in the coldest weather.

Soft and cosy

Eastern Countries leather pilot hat

For the ultimate warmth during your arctic expeditions (or just running to the shops), turn to the Eastern Countries leather pilot hat. Made from real leather and sheepskin, this comfortable hat is the ultimate choice when it comes to warmth and waterproofness - perfect for wet and windy adventures!

Cold winter

No matter what you need from your winter hat, OnBuy has you covered (quite literally). Of course, there’s far more choice out there than just these design options that we’ve picked out there but if we were to list them all, this guide would be never-ending! For more options to complete your snazzy winter wardrobe, check out our full range of men’s winter hats or why not take a look at our range of men’s winter coats to pair with your new hat and stay super cosy all winter long.

The information in this buyer’s guide is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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