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Chill out! Here's our stress-free guide to buying the best mini fridges

Published 24th November 2022
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From cold cans to chilled snacks (and even storing your make-up!), there's nothing cooler than a quality mini fridge. But how do you pick the perfect fridge for you when they range from mini 4L capacities, all the way up to what are essentially small fridges?

That's where this complete guide to the different types of mini fridges - and who they're perfect for - comes in.

A size guide for the different types of mini fridge.

What size mini fridge is best?

When it comes to mini fridges, size is important. While you might be thinking of the classic can chillers that were huge in the Noughties, mini fridges are much more than that now.

Despite 'mini' being in the name, you can actually split them down by size into small, medium and large mini fridges:

Small mini fridges

A small mini fridge that's ideal as a drinks or beer fridge.
  • Capacity ranging from 4L to 15L
  • Ideal for a few drinks cans/ bottles and snacks
  • Usually used in bedrooms and gaming rooms

How amazing would it be to always have cold cans of soft drinks, beer or ready-mixed cocktails available - after all, there's nothing worse than opening a can and realising it's room temperature!

That's what small mini fridges are perfect for. They're a small table-top drinks / beer fridge that you can use in bedrooms, when you're in a marathon gaming session, or when watching the football. An added bonus - because they're so small, you can buy portable mini fridges and always have a cold drink to hand.

Top Tip: These mini fridges are also great for storing sensitive makeup and beauty products. They'll fit perfectly on your dressing table and are the ideal mini fridges for the bedroom - why not check out our guide to the best mini fridges for the bedroom!

Medium mini fridges

A medium-sized mini fridge.
  • Capacity of less than 70L
  • Ideal for leftovers, lunches, and chilled food
  • Used as large drinks coolers or personal fridges

Forget the sticky notes and the passive-aggressive 'Please stop stealing my milk'. These are the best mini fridges for you if you're fed up with housemates stealing your stuff.

They're large enough to fit a few leftovers and chilled items, but still small enough to not take up too much space in your room.

Because of that compact size with decent capacity, they're also handy in an office for storing staff lunches and the communal milk.

Large mini fridges

A large-sized mini fridge.
  • Basically a small family fridge
  • Ideal for people living alone or large families needing extra fridge space
  • Usually used in small flats or large households, and offices

Do these scenarios sound familiar? It's Christmas, you've got the whole family coming over for dinner and enough food to feed a small village. Your fridge and freezer are both crammed to breaking point and now you've got nowhere to store the turkey…

That's where these mini fridges come in! They're essentially small fridges that can act as an overflow when you need that extra storage space. Because of their compact size, they're also great for offices or small flats where you don't need as much storage space as a large fridge.

Mini Fridge FAQs

Which mini fridges are best?

The best mini fridge will depend on exactly what you want chilling. A few drinks for yourself and maybe the odd snack without having to run down to the fridge? Anything under 15L will be plenty. Want it to be portable too? Best to stick to 4L mini fridges.

If you don't want it adding too much to your energy bills, make sure you check the energy rating too, as this can vary massively.

Are mini fridges worth it?

Mini fridges are great and they're seeing a resurgence in popularity thanks to the advancing tech inside them. Here's why:

  • They're a convenient option when full-size fridges and freezers are impractical;
  • You've got your own chilled storage that you can keep away from nosey housemates;
  • And it's super convenient having cold drinks, beers and snacks at your fingertips!

How much do mini fridges cost to run?

Energy consumption will vary from one mini fridge to another, but as a general rule, they use much less energy than a standard fridge.

The obvious reason for that is there's much less space to chill - if you don't need the capacity of a large fridge, you'll certainly be saving money on your bills by switching to a mini fridge.

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