Mirrors Edge Catalyst

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Mirrors Edge Catalyst Description

Mind, hands and controller working in perfect unison, the impulses from your brain effortlessly translated into fluid movement on the screen. This is the main experience of Mirrors Edge Catalyst. Faith is your extension into Glass city, she is your avatar in this world, and through her you will learn to master the urban landscape, allowing you to directly partake of all the thrills and elegance of parkour running. Faiths agility is yours, as is her speed and proficiency. As your skills grow so does your reach and gadgets will expand it even further, making seemingly impossible locations available to the daring. If youre good enough all of the city will eventually become your playground. This is a game about skill, but accessibility systems allow it to be enjoyed by novices and masters alike. Go for a quick Dash across the rooftops and try to beat the latest high score, or explore those hard-to-reach locations and see if you have the patience and tenacity to figure out how to get there. The storyline leads you across the city, pushing you to scale the greatest heights and explore deepest tunnels, while you quickly weave in and out of all kinds of buildings. But though the main experience is centered around fluidity of movement Faith does have enemies and she is a skilled fighter. Combat too is focused on movement and agility, and Faith has no use for guns, having vowed long ago never to use them again. Instead her own body is the projectile, and properly guided she cuts through enemies like a sweeping scythe, dropping them left and right, while never staying still long enough for them to be able to hit her. Combining momentum, timing and your mastery of the environment is the key to claiming victory. Faiths eyes are yours and all of it is seen through a first-person perspective. Run free and quicken your slumbering potential, the city of Glass awaits. Features: First-Person Action? Get up close with your enemies. Use your freedom of movement and martial arts combat in conjunction with the environment to experience fluid first-person action unlike any other. Explore the City of Glass? Roam the beautiful, high-tech city at your own pace, and unlock its many different districts. Run free and explore every corner from the highest, glass made skyscrapers to the hidden underground tunnels. Witness the Rise of Faith - Brought up on her own on the margin of the totalitarian society, Faith found refuge amongst an outsider group called the Runners. Learn about her origin story, and take part in her journey as she stands up against oppression and becomes the catalyst that can change the City of Glass forever. Mirrors Edge Catalyst Gameplay Trailer


Codes 5030946116355 (EAN)
Rank #370 PS4 Games
#949 PS4
Links PlayStation Video Games

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Mirrors edge catalyst
External product information

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Learn about the city and people Faith will encounter.

A pristine city, ruled by a ruthless Conglomerate. Faith, a skilled Runner reluctantly drawn into an anti-Conglomerate struggle.

According to the FY47 census, Glass boasts close to fourteen million citizens, making it the third largest city in Cascadia. Prospective visitors should read up on what the central districts have to offer in terms of sights and entertainment.

The Anchor district is one of the most affluent areas in Glass, its many tall buildings standing as proud heralds of the powerful corporations based here. Full of the city’s most popular nightclubs, young citizens make frequent visits to “The Anchor” for nightlife and shopping.

One spectacular construction project within Anchor is the gigantic Bauble Mall. When finished, the Bauble will be the most opulent shopping center in Cascadia - a true monument to the success of the Conglomerate way of life.

Located in the very center of Glass, Downtown stands as the proud modernized center of the city. Among the busy and dense streets you’ll find a slew of fashionable boutiques and notable sights like the Elysium Corporation building - home to the world’s leading medical research professionals.

There have been reports of illegal activities in this area; with so called “Runners” roaming the rooftops. Citizens should not be alarmed however; the nuisance is being effectively dealt with by KrugerSec personnel.

A prosperous residential area dedicated to "upwardly mobile" citizens, Ocean Glass View, or “The View”, is by many considered to be the final step before getting invited to Sky City. If you’re looking to get away from the intensity of Downtown or The Anchor, The View is well worth a visit. Here you can walk along the seaside promenade, picnic, and perhaps visit The Marina. On free days it’s not uncommon to see families enjoying the beach while their children play in the surf.

[Note: All recreational water activities are restricted to the dedicated recreational zones, pending vehicle and employment status. Please refer to Conglomerate Recreational Policy: Glass for further information.]

The city of Glass is ruled by the Conglomerate, which in turn is comprised of several powerful corporations, but it’s not the only faction in town. Other groups exist - those working against the oppression, those supporting it, and those in between.

The Runners are a special group of voluntary offGrids who’ve decided not to be part of the Conglomerate machine. Living on the rooftops and grouping together in tight-knit Cabals they race across the urban landscapes, performing burglaries and courier jobs for those willing to pay. The Corporate Houses secretly depend on the Runners for their constant scheming and though KrugerSec has a standing order to neutralize any Runner on sight, some claim that they are not clamping down as hard on them as they could.

The Conglomerate consists of 13 corporations, each run by a powerful family or Corporate House, who together rule the nation of Cascadia. Locked in a constant power struggle, the Houses are prepared to go to extreme lengths to advance their positions within the Conglomerate hierarchy. Among the corporations can be found the security forces of KrugerSec, the tech specialists at Silvine Systems, and Elysium Corp., who specializes in medical research and healthcare.

Black November is a resistance movement led by Rebecca Thane, once a prominent protest leader, who turned to violent methods following the November riots almost two decades ago. Constantly hunted by KrugerSec, Black November do what they can to terrorize the authorities and incite a general revolution among the employs.

They strive to avoid civilian casualties, but lately Rebecca has been hinting that all regular employs are silent supporters of the Conglomerate and the tyranny. Therefore they too should be made targets so that they are forced to understand what their silent consent is causing.

Learn more about the characters that inhabit the city of Glass and how they will be part of Faith's story.

On the busy streets of Glass, the corporations of the ruthless Conglomerate rule supreme. Behind their glossy exterior lurks a repressive and authoritarian regime, where a perfect mix of fear and envy has turned its citizens into willing participants of their own enslavement.

A security, weapons manufacture, and resource mining giant, Kruger Holding is the largest and most influential corporation within the Conglomerate. Its main subsidiary KrugerSec handles all security in Cascadia, and its personnel enforce order on the streets and rooftops of the vast, sprawling cities. KrugerSec is led by Gabriel Kruger and has its corporate headquarters in Glass.

Everdyne provides Cascadia with energy from several different sources, all of them nearing depletion and most of them causing heavy pollution. This growing lack of vital resources is one of the most well-kept secrets in the entire country. Everdyne also handle the extensive desalination needed to provide Cascadia with enough fresh water, and here too their resources and facilities are stretched beyond the breaking point.

Pirandello clothes the citizens of Cascadia. They set the trends, decide the latest fashion, and further cements the strata in society by offering different clothes ranges to the Corporate Houses and regular employs, making sure the House range is priced way above the pay-level of a regular employee. The clothing lines are complemented with beauty and hygiene-products in the same price-ranges. In Cascadia the way you dress and smell is an immediate class identifier.

Alternative names:

  • Electronic Arts Mirror's Edge Catalyst, PS4 Basic PlayStation 4

Detailed product information


PlatformPlayStation 4
DeveloperEA DICE
ESRB ratingT (Teen)
Release date (DD/MM/YYYY)09.06.2016
Game editionBasic
PEGI rating16
PublisherElectronic Arts
Multiplayer modeY
ThemeMirror's Edge
Game genreAction, Adventure

System requirements

Virtual Reality (VR) headset requiredN

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