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Cutest Power Banks On The Market

Published 20th November 2020
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Keep your portable devices wire-free and travel-ready with the juice-boosting benefits of handy power banks. Often compact and packed with a helping hand of electric charge when you need it most, campers, hikers and day-trippers can leave the restrictions of mains charging behind.

From waiting for the bus to staying on top of the news, our mobiles ensure that we are effortlessly connected, informed and even entertained! Keeping them charged while on-the-go is no longer an issue thanks to the impressive capabilities of charge-storing portable power banks. 

Also referred to as portable mobile chargers, power banks are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their high battery capacity, sleek, pocket-sized design and convenient practicality. With a power bank by your side, you can travel to your heart’s content without worrying about using your phone and draining the battery.

Incredibly simple to use, portable power banks tend to include their own micro USB cables for effortless connection to a variety of smartphones, tablets, e-book readers and more electric accessories. 

From Android to Apple, they’re super versatile and specially created to ensure you’re never left scrambling for a mains charging point. Whether you’re an adventure-seeking camper, forgetful charger or a spontaneous soul, portable power banks are an essential smartphone charging accessory.

How to choose a power bank?

Finding a power bank that ticks all your boxes can be a tiresome and lengthy process. With our help, picking the most suitable power bank will be a breeze. In this helpful guide we delve into the electrifying world of power banks to bring you all the very best portable power benefits.

We explore the ideal capacity, price, charging durations and number of outputs to provide you with an easy-to-understand breakdown of power bank advantages. With so many power banks to choose from, we take the headache out of the endless research and comparison.

Sticking to a budget

When searching for the perfect power bank it’s important to keep your budget in mind. While most power banks improve in quality as the price creeps up, affordable options are widely available and still provide an impressive and useful service. There’s no need to break the bank!

Identifying how much capacity you require

However, It’s also vital to make sure your chosen power bank is suitable for your application. By way of illustrating, the vast majority of power bank purchases are low capacity (around 2000-3000 mAh) as they’re only required to provide a helpful nudge of energy on certain occasions. 

It’s no secret that long-lasting, outdoors events often lack adequate charging facilities. Maybe you’re out all day at a festival, spending a night camping surrounded by nature or exploring your local area on a long walk, but you still need a reliable boost of energy, just in case.

Don’t cut your day out short. Simply connect your smartphone or tablet to an affordable, low-capacity power bank for a burst of charge to see you through the rest of your day. There’s no need to shell out on costly high capacity power banks if the main function of the charger is for one device, once a day.

For dedicated hikers, long-haul road trips and lengthy camping tricks, one full mobile recharge often isn’t sufficient. For days or weeks of battery during your off-grid adventures, you’ll need a heavy duty power bank with a super generous capacity, starting at 10,000 mAh.

How many devices do you want to charge?

Are your cupboards packed with battery-draining tablets, mobiles, e-books and more? If this sounds like you, then you’re probably a tech wizard with a stash of electronic devices. Opting for a power bank that boasts multiple outputs is a time-saving solution to topping up several devices at once.

Charge your smartphone and your tablet side by side for instant access to all of your favourite digital devices. These dual port power banks tend to feature a higher battery capacity to provide enough juice for both devices.

Despite being slightly pricier, the time-saving perks of dual charging might just sway you. This is especially true if you often find yourself leaving home with already dead devices in hand. Simply top them up during your commute for instant usability by the time you reach the office.

Do you need a time-saving charging solution?

If you’re short on time and frequently need power fast, the charging time of both the power bank and your device is essential in your choice of portable charger. Most power banks require at least three hours of charging to fill their capacity, however speedy charging models can reduce this time by half.

Opting for a faster charging device is recommended if you often forget to keep your power bank fully charged. Indeed, portable phone chargers are pretty useless if you don’t give them enough time to soak up all the juice they need to effectively function.

Be wary of knock-off power banks

Solar power banks

It’s incredibly easy for counterfeit or potentially unsafe products to look and feel like the genuine models. By slipping the sub-standard units inside visually-reassuring power bank case, you believe you’re purchasing a high-quality power bank

Not only does this dangerous process pose a health and safety risk, but it also alters how effective your power bank will be as opposed to how it is marketed. With a sub-par product the charging period may take much longer than advertised or suffer increased wear and tear.

To spot a fake all you need to know is that most moderate power banks generally cost anywhere between £5-£50. The price and the size tends to increase with the greater capacity, so if you find a super compact power bank that claims to produce 20,000 mAh, you can safely determine that it probably isn’t genuine.

Above all, using your common sense and buying from a reputable seller should help you to avoid these unpleasant, fake power banks. After all, if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is!

Are solar-powered banks better?

During the day, eco-friendly solar-powered chargers efficiently transform and store energy from the sun. When required, this built-up ball of energy can then be transferred to your smartphone, giving you a rechargeable source of natural energy right at your fingertips for long-haul trips. 

While solar-powered banks certainly have their advantages, they are not necessarily better than the standard models that require electrical charging beforehand. One major downside is that the sun isn’t particularly reliable… having a back-up option is therefore always a smart idea.

While it’s undeniable that solar power definitely comes in handy on lengthy outdoor adventures, if you’re not a fan of surrounding yourself in nature, it isn’t a particularly necessary feature. Especially as solar-powered models tend to be more expensive, you’ll save a few pounds if you stick to the essential elements.

If you have your heart set on a solar power bank, check out the high capacity solar power bank in our countdown of the top ten cutest power banks on the market!

Our top ten cutest power banks

Wave goodbye to plain and boring portable chargers and join us as we take you on a journey through our top ten most adorable power banks! We explore an array of colourful designs, sizes and solar- powered options to bring you the most unbelievably cute power banks on the UK market right now.

Whether you’re planning your next trip off grid or you’d like to reconnect with nature (with the optional spot of Instagram browsing), you’ll be spoilt for choice. Below you’ll find an extensive list of the charming power banks perfect for keeping your techy devices topped up when you need them most.

Pocket-sized perfection: The colourful compact power bank

Pocket-sized perfection: The colourful compact power bank

Pros - Compact size, stored in a colourful case, LED charging light, budget-friendly

Cons - Limited 2200 mAh capacity

Available in a range of bright, eye-catching colours, you’ll never lose this sleek and slim power bank. Presented in a vibrant charging case for convenient storage of both the power bank and the included micro USB cable, keeping your compatible devices topped up is no issue.

Despite the restricted 2200 mAh battery capacity, this pocket-sized power bank does the job. Ideal for a long day out the house, stay connected with this mini portable phone charger. Featuring a handy LED light, you can instantly check on the power bank’s charging process.

A visual delight: The dainty floral design power bank

The dainty floral design power bank

Pros - Beautiful floral decoration, lightweight, slim, affordable

Cons - Just one output, mid 4000 mAh capacity

Packing a more than adequate 4000 mAh battery capacity, keeping your smartphone topped up throughout the day won’t be an issue for this compact power bank. The Happy Friday cover is delicately decorated with blooming pink flowers and bursts of subtle green leaves for a springtime-inspired theme.

Complete with a USB cable, this lightweight portable power bank can be slipped into your purse or back pocket for convenient on-the-go charging. Finished with a super slim and protective shell, this portable charger is visually stunning and incredibly practical.

For the Harry Potter fanatic: The death eater dedication power bank

Harry Potter fanatic: The death eater dedication power bank

Pros - Official Harry Potter merch, 5200 mAh capacity

Cons - Just one output, lengthy 4 hour charging duration

Become a dark-hearted death eater with your very own officially licensed Harry Potter power bank. Complete with the slithering dark mark and deep green colouring, Harry Potter fans can use the considerable 5200 mAh capacity to charge the standard smartphone twice over!

Suitable for both phone and tablet charging, connect your chosen device to this Harry Potter-inspired portable power bank using the included USB cable. Witness the speedy battery rejuvenation instantly increasing your battery life.

A dainty dream: The heart-scattered power bank

The heart-scattered power bank

Pros - Dual output, designer cover, 5000 mAh capacity, LED light, scratch resistant, speedy charging

Cons - More costly than standard models

Fall in love with the delicate love heart design on this charming Emma Bridgewater and Joules power bank collaboration. Packing a considerable 5000 mAh battery capacity and four helpful charging lights, you’ll always know how much juice is left in your pretty, portable charger.

Complete with a high gloss, scratch resistant finish this power bank fights to maintain its pristine condition. With dual USB outputs you can effortlessly charge two devices at once after loading this heart-scattered power bank with a charge for just 3 hours.

The lightweight designer power bank offers fast charging and features a handy LED flashlight function to ensure you’re never left in the dark. If you’re willing to spend a little more, you can stay stylish and connected with this durable and delightful portable charger.

For the explorer: The high capacity solar power bank

The high capacity solar power bank

Pros - Solar powered, 10,000 mAh capacity, ultra-durable, LED flashlights, compass kit, two ports, wireless

Cons - On the bulky side, more expensive side than other models

Designed to serve and protect the avid adventurer, this sturdy power bank is choked full of sensible and practical solutions to the harsh natural environments the user might encounter. A vital fireproof accessory for mountaineers, hikers and campers, this wireless charger requires no extra cables.

Boasting both USB and type C ports, simply attach your chosen device to the portable power bank using the included Micro USB cable for speedy charging at your fingertips. Dustproof, waterproof and enduring, this impressive 10,000 mAh portable power supply can handle everything you throw at it. 

This travel-friendly power bank comes complete with two LED flashlights to guide you after the sun sets, a reassuring compass kit and is naturally powered by the sun. The eco-friendly power bank will last years and even includes an emergency USB cable so you don’t have to rely on the sun (which is especially useful in the UK!).

Simply attach the power bank to your back or hiking backpack during the day to maintain a full charge and rejuvenate your electronic devices whenever you like. For convenient charging even when you’re in the midst of an exploit, this ultra-durable power bank won’t let you down.

For wilderness adventurers: The camping cutie power bank

The camping cutie power bank

Pros - Easy access key ring design, compact, recharge up to 500 times, easily affordable

Cons - Just one output, low 2000 mAh capacity

You’ll get your more than your money’s worth out of this titchy power bank, recharge it up to 500 times for hundreds of uses that’ll prevent your smartphone from dying in your moments of need. Simply attach it to your bag or keys for quick and convenient access using the integrated keyring.

This portable power bank couldn't be more suitable for overnight camping trips! Featuring a beautiful camping design, the cover depicts a colourful collection of tents against a rustic red and black tartan background. Is anyone else already planning their next cosy camping trip?

Embrace the unicorn craze: The magical unicorn power bank

The magical unicorn power bank

Pros - Compatible with all smartphones, magical unicorn shape, compact, budget-friendly

Cons - Just one output, low 2000 mAh capacity

Calling all unicorn-lovers, you can’t miss this adorable and enchanting unicorn power bank! Measuring a mere few inches in height, this minute portable charger can easily fit in your pocket, purse or handbag for convenient charging as you travel.

With a mediocre 2000 mAh battery capacity, this endearing little unicorn is designed to introduce a surge of power into your chosen device for that extra boost. Not suitable for recharging your mobile several times over, this portable charger fills your smartphone with more than enough juice to keep you connected until you reach a mains socket. 

A wonderful gift for kids, teens and adults alike, jump on the unicorn trend today! As one of the most low-cost power banks on the market, they make gorgeous stocking fillers with a practical benefit to reassure worried parents.

Take on the city: The urban jungle mirror hybrid power bank

The urban jungle mirror hybrid power bank

Pros - High 5600 mAh capacity, 30cm USB cable included, 2-in-1 mirror, LED light, affordable

Cons - Just one output

Because the city can be a dangerous brick jungle at times, this stylish gold power bank comes in handy for maintaining your smartphone battery and your flawless appearance. Thanks to a built-in mirror you can touch up your appearance as you simultaneously top up your phone.

Compatible with most smartphone devices, use the generous 30-centimetre long cable to maintain your battery. Whether you’re spending the weekend at a festival or ending a long day with after-work drinks, this multi-functional power bank has enough juice to charge your (Android or iPhone) mobile twice over.

For the animal-lovers: The cuddly sloth power bank

The cuddly sloth power bank

Pros - Sweet sloth design, lightweight, pocket-sized, modest cost

Cons - Low 2000 mAh capacity

Is there anything more adorable than a smiling sloth cuddling a juicy strawberry? We don’t think so either! Make this incredibly cute accessory yours and you’ll benefit from the 2000 mAh capacity. Enough to provide your smartphone with a full charge again, this helpful accessory is essential!

Don’t let the soft and cuddly appearance fool you! Unlike our slow friend the sloth, this speedy charger will give you some extra juice in no time. With an affordable price tag, this adorable power bank is an animal-lovers dream and makes a thoughtful gift for children, teenagers and adults alike.

Compact and lightweight, this portable phone charger can be placed in your pocket or handbag for a rainy day. The vibrant and fun design of this gadget combines all the cuteness of a sloth with the practical advantages of a powerful one-use phone charger.

Purring with power: The pink fluffy pom pom power bank

The pink fluffy pom pom power bank

Pros - LED indicator light, soft touch, easy access, vibrant pink colour, reasonable price

Cons - Low 2000 mAh capacity

Ever seen a power bank that you wanted to touch more than this? A ball of vivid pink fluff, this compact portable phone charger can be easily clipped onto your purse or handbag for convenient access to the electric charge within.

Finished with an adorable pair of little pink ears, if we didn’t know better we’d have no idea that this handbag accessory had another use! In just three hours, the portable charger can be fully charged as indicated by the flashing red LED light turning into a constant red light.

When your device requires a little extra energy, save it from dying with this pom pom power bank. The indicator light helpfully turns blue to let you know when your smartphone or tablet is successfully charging via the included micro USB cable.

For the masked heroes: The mini Batman power bank

The mini Batman power bank

Pros - Visually-attractive Batman figurine, compact, very affordable

Cons - Modest 2500 mAh capacity

Stay safe on the streets of Gotham with this 3D Batman-inspired portable charger. Ideal for reviving your mobile after a long dark night defeating the Joker, never leave your bat cave without this power bank.

Despite the small size, don’t let this portable phone charger fool you, it can still pack a punch with 2500 mAh of battery capacity. Storing enough energy to fully regenerate the standard smartphone, this mini Batman figure is as cute as it is powerful.

A fantastic gift for superhero-fanatics and Batman supporters alike, this DC figure comes ready to use straight out of the box. Available for a low-cost price, it makes a wonderful stocking filler, practical father's day present or thoughtful ‘just because’ novelty gift.

Our final comments

Despite the vast array of relatively bland power banks on the market, we’ve proven that finding a cute and affordable portable charger is just as easy. From fluffy, floral and animal designs to stylish, sleek and novelty variations - there’s a power bank to suit every personality.

Whether you want to get back to nature or spend more time travelling, there’s a power bank out there specially designed for you. Simply follow our host of power bank advice and tips, and you’re sure to snag a suitable portable phone charger for all your vital electrical devices.

Now you’re aware of everything you could possibly need to know about purchasing a cute power bank, why not try one out for yourself? We know we will!

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