Tired of being locked into costly contracts? If you haven't considered buying a SIM-Free phone yet, we'll show you why it's the way forward...

We can't help but be dazzled by the latest mobile phone models that flood the market every year, causing us to suddenly notice how our phone 'has a scratch here' or 'is a bit slow there'. However, resisting the urge to lock yourself down to a plan - for what is quite often two years at a time! - can be tricky.

Fret not, because we have a solution: offering a surprising wealth of benefits and possibilities, it's time to talk about buying your phone outright! Here at OnBuy, we've weighed up the reasons to buy a SIM-Free phone for you and narrowed it down to the top three that'll have you determined to buy a phone without a contract - when you've broken free of the chains of your current one, of course...

1. Buying Your Phone Outright Gives You Freedom

Getting a phone as part of a contract can often get you a top-of-the-line, as-new-as-they-come handset. But what if you're happy with your current device that's on its last legs? What if you miss a slightly older model that's no longer available with your provider? All pertinent questions, we think, but there's a simple answer - look for phones without a SIM card!

Choosing to buy your phone outright opens up countless possibilities of older models, styles that aren't manufactured any more, and even pre-owned or refurbished options that look and work like new while presenting a serious saving on price. The sheer choice alone is enough to make you think - and one look at the range of handset only phones here at OnBuy will leave you hard pressed to pick a favourite!

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That's not even the best bit! It sounds obvious, but buying a phone without a contract means that you're the one who owns your phone - you're not leasing it, it's yours to do with as you please. We all like owning our possessions, whatever they may be, and it's certainly no different with our trusty tech. Choosing to buy a SIM-Free phone brings peace of mind as you know that your mobile provider isn't holding it over you, looking to push an early upgrade or make you pay for added extras at the first possible opportunity.

"Between 74-94% of people are on needlessly costly contracts that mean they overpay..."

2. Enjoy Flexible, Rewarding Usage By Buying A SIM-Free Phone

If we're talking about usability, picking up a separate, unlocked handset and pairing it with a SIM-only deal can offer much greater flexibility and fulfilment with your plan. Once you've carefully picked out your handset, you're free to browse any and all deals that you can find - and this greater variety means you're more likely to find something that's more precisely tailored to your use. You never know, it might be a lesser-known network that can come to your rescue and supply you with a plan that's best for you, and only runs for as long as you need it to.

Of course, buying a SIM-Free phone also presents the possibility of going pay-as-you-go - the perfect option if you only use your phone for the essentials. Many of us are familiar with this system, and the nature of only paying for what you use, coupled with the fact that you aren't locked into any sort of deal for any period, is still one that's very appealing!

It doesn't end there though! If you're looking to travel or you spend a lot of time abroad already, owning an unlocked or SIM-Free phone means you can make the most of the freedom we mentioned earlier by swapping SIM cards while you travel. Simply insert an international SIM or one from a native provider (which likely gives you better call, text and data options abroad than a contract would!) and enjoy a working, reliable phone no matter where you are in the world!


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3. Buying A Handset Outright = Savings!

Whether you're shopping for an older model, a second-hand option or even just a phone that isn't the very latest, buying a SIM-Free smartphone almost always guarantees savings. After the initial outlay (which can still be cheaper than certain 'pay upfront' deals prior to starting a new contract), your monthly costs are much lower and more manageable - and you have a deal that is much better suited to your use.

According to Billmonitor and Ctrlio, two websites that compare mobile tariffs, between 74-94% of people are on needlessly costly contracts that mean they overpay compared to what they use - wouldn't you rather just skip the stress? We certainly would!

By carefully choosing your plan, rather than opting for a contract because you want the phone, savings are nearly certain to be had. What's more, if you're unhappy with your plan, it's much easier to change or even cancel! With the option of a 30-day rolling contract or even a pay-as-you-go plan, it's simple to cancel if you feel like you aren't getting your money's worth - and there's no hefty fee to cover the cost of the phone or buying out the rest of the contract.


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So, that concludes our list of the best reasons to buy a phone outright! If you've made up your mind but need to find a phone, then don't worry - we've got you covered with our extensive collections of new phones, refurbished models and pre-owned mobiles. Oh, and did we mention we've got scores of accessories to match? Happy shopping!