When it comes to phones, brand new doesn't always equal best - especially when you spot the price of those upgrades!

However, you might be dubious about the benefits of buying a refurbished phone, or why exactly purchasing a pre-owned phone is better - especially if (like us!) you're a fan of scoring the latest releases as soon as they come out! Well, we're here to change your mind about buying a second-hand phone in just three points...

1. Buying a Refurbished or Pre-Owned Phone is Cheaper

The first factor is, of course, the cost. Buying a second-hand phone is incredibly budget-friendly and opens you up to a whole world of options you might miss out on if you only opt for new models. Remember: the older the model, the lower the cost!

What's more: opting to buy a refurbished phone or a pre-owned model instead makes buying your handset outright a much more purse-friendly option than before, while leaving you with the freedom to change networks as you please. Not to mention, the money you save can be invested in a better SIM deal...


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"Why let a perfectly good phone [...] be discarded when it can find a new home in your pocket?"

2. Refurbished Phones & Pre-Owned Phones are More Environmentally Friendly

We're so used to replacing everything we own but if you're concerned about your environmental footprint, purchasing a refurbished or second-hand phone instead of the latest release is a smart way to reduce the waste of perfectly useable devices.

While most phones are now recycled, it still involves time and cost to carry out as well as an element of risk for workers at recycling centres. With this in mind, why let a perfectly good phone go through the process of being taken apart to be discarded when it can find a new home in your pocket? Exactly!

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3. Stick to Your Trusty Model & Buy a Pre-Owned Phone

You've finally got to grips with all the features of your trusty phone - only to find it's now on its last legs! Rather than shelling out for the latest model and learning the tricks and getting the knack of it all over again, why not browse our pre-owned mobile phones to find the exact same model that may now be discontinued in stores?

With manufacturers continuously updating their line-ups, it can become a little overwhelming trying to keep up. This makes the choice to buy a pre-owned phone a no-brainer for creatures of habit - we're feeling tempted ourselves now!

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