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64GB Phones

Discover OnBuy’s range of mobile phones with 64GB of storage space - phones that are more than capable of safely storing your apps, photos, videos, and more! Buy Android mobile phones with 64GB of storage from the likes of Samsung, Sony, and Xiaomi, as well as cutting-edge 64GB iPhones!

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Looking to buy 64GB Phones?

Whether you’re in Team Android and prefer to get your devices from the likes of Samsung, Sony, and Xiaomi, or buy all things Apple, OnBuy has you covered with our range of impressive 64GB phones. Capable of securely storing photos and videos, apps, system files, and more, mobile phones with 64GB of storage are the perfect devices for the average user.

Is 64GB enough for a phone?

While there are bigger storage options available in our range of mobile phones, 64GB is still a huge amount of space. Smartphones have had to come a long way since the first 4GB iPhone - mainly to keep up with the sheer number of must-have apps available and the need to store thousands of selfies - but here’s what 64GB gets you:

  • Approx. 16,000 photos
  • Approx. 21 hours of video
  • Approx. 6,600 songs downloaded from streaming platforms like Spotify
  • Approx. 150 hours of HD films downloaded from streaming platforms like Netflix

You also have to bear in mind system files and other miscellaneous bits of data will take up a few gigabytes (GB), but even with these additional extras, 64GB should still be more than enough space for your new phone - even the most social media-conscious selfie taker would struggle to max out on 16,000 photos!

If, however, you’re looking for something with a bit more storage, we’ve got you covered there too! Just head on over to our mobile phones category and use the handy filter tool to shop by capacity. From more modest 32GB phones to devices that boast a whopping 1TB of storage, our range spans a wide variety of capacities to suit your needs.

The best 64GB phones available

Thanks to the advancements in phone memory, storage space is no longer a blocker to buying new smartphones with advanced features. No phone proves that more than the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro, which features:

  • A 6.4” Super AMOLED, HDR display - a superior colour range with deep contrasts in impeccable clarity.
  • A speedy Snapdragon 855 processor - enhanced performance to further boost the display, as well as speed up your browsing, streaming, and gaming.
  • A next-generation triple camera setup - capable of up to 48MP, HDR imagery, telephoto and ultra wide lenses, Dual LED flash, and 4K video recording.
  • A truly unique and revolutionary selfie camera - a motorized, pop-up 20MP HDR camera, there when you need it, but hidden when it’s not to optimise your display.

There’s also recent iPhones like the 64GB iPhone 12, which boasts:

  • A 6.1” Super Retina XDR OLED, HDR10, Dolby Vision display - deeper darks, brighter whites, and pin-point clarity.
  • An Apple A14 Bionic processor that rivals the best tech on the market.
  • Incredible fast battery charging - an advertised rate of 50% charge in just 30 minutes!
  • A 5G receiver for the ultrafast new mobile data technology
  • Contactless Apple Pay technology that lets you pay for groceries, public transport and more with a tap of your phone 
  • An IP68 dust/water resistant rating that helps to keep your phone safe from spillages

However, if you want the most advanced handsets being released (like the Samsung Galaxy 21+ or the iPhone 13 Pro), you’ll probably need to opt for something with a slightly bigger capacity. These phones need a bit more space to make the most of their revolutionary features and software, so come with a higher storage space standard - more advanced cameras will create photos and videos with more data, for example.

What’s the difference between internal memory and RAM on a 64GB phone?

RAM (Random Access Memory) and internal storage are two different types of memory; the easiest way to understand the difference is RAM affects the running of your phone, while internal memory is storage space for your personal photos and videos.

The bigger the phone’s RAM - which is used by the phone's processor when it carries out an operation - the more processes it can carry out at the same time. Think about when you’ve previously had a phone running slowly: generally, this is when you’ve got lots of tabs open in your mobile browser, you’re uploading to your Instagram Story, the app store is updating, and you’ve got several ongoing chats open. Your phone is struggling to run optimally because there’s not enough RAM available.

Typically, smartphones can have anywhere between 4GB and 16GB of RAM, but it only uses this space temporarily. That’s why it doesn't need to be as big as the internal storage space - the 64GB part of the phone. Unless you're using your phone for advanced gaming or running the most cutting-edge displays and cameras, 4GB of RAM should be plenty.

Storage space, by contrast, needs to be much bigger to store just about everything on your phone, whether that’s system files or your personal photos and videos. Also, as we use our phones for more and more purposes, we need more room to store that extra information.

While 64GB of storage might not seem like a huge amount of space, think about it in terms of the old MP3 players you might have used as a child or teenager; the 1st generation iPod was considered revolutionary at just 1GB, and could store around 240 songs. Since then, devices have got better at storing more data in smaller spaces, have hugely increased their capacity, and media like songs and films are streamed, rather than stored on devices. That’s why 64GB phones have plenty of storage space for the average user.

Can I expand the storage space on my 64GB phone?

This really depends on the phone. Generally, the only way to expand a phone’s memory is through an external Micro SD card, so the phone will need to have a built-in card slot. That’s one advantage phones on Android have over those on the Apple operating system - Apple iPhones don’t feature an external memory card slot.

If you’ve got a memory-busting library of photos and videos that you want on hand via your phone (and have your heart set on a new 64GB iPhone 12), you might want to consider signing up for a ‘cloud’-based storage solution, which stores your files safely online.

Is cloud storage needed for 64GB phones?

Cloud storage can be a good idea for 64GB phones, but it really depends on whether you need that extra space and whether other alternatives, like external memory cards, are compatible. Many cloud providers charge a subscription fee for using their storage space, so before signing up, you should consider:

  • Are you likely to need more storage space? Most people with 64GB phones won’t need that extra space in reality, and if you get near to filling it up, think about whether you need all those songs downloaded rather than streaming them, for example.
  • Will that extra storage be used for junk files?  There's no point is paying for a cloud storage subscription if the only thing you'll use it for are hundreds of draft selfies that you didn’t want but forgot to delete.
  • Are you buying an Android phone or iPhones? You can’t physically expand the internal storage space on an iPhone due to the lack of an external Micro SD card slot. If you do need that extra space, you may need to sign up for cloud storage after you’ve bought your 64GB iPhone from OnBuy.

If an external memory card slot is an option, buying a Micro SD card is an affordable, one-off option which can dramatically increase your phone’s storage capacity. While files stored on the cloud can be accessed anywhere, you can also easily access files on Micro SD cards across devices by simply taking it out of your phone and popping into the new device - however, you might need to consider getting a Micro SD card adapter from OnBuy. They also come with huge storage capacities, with OnBuy’s range covering 8-256GB memory cards.

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