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With industry-leading hardware and advanced mobile phone features, discover a used iPhone X from OnBuy that’s still of great quality but at a much lower price. Revolutionising Apple phones for a new era, the iPhone X features a fresh design and a dazzling OLED display, high security and a fast processor for seamless gaming, streaming and browsing.

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Looking to buy Used iPhone X?

The iPhone X is one of Apple's most popular mobile phones thanks to premium features like its powerful multi-core CPU, image-stabilised camera and high-grade build quality, but that also means a more premium price - unless you buy a used iPhone X from OnBuy, that is!

Buying an iPhone used is a great opportunity to find deals on these sought-after handsets. Since Apple releases a new iPhone model every 12 months, their phones last a lot longer than the time it takes for fans to get that yearly upgrade itch. The result is a big supply of used iPhones, often in like-new condition.

The iPhone X is still a brilliant phone

The iPhone X was released in 2017, 10 years after the first iPhone came out, so Apple knew they needed to pull out all the stops for the 10th anniversary. They didn’t disappoint! To this day, the iPhone X is one of the most impressive iPhones Apple has released!

One of the most striking changes for the iPhone X was its display. Since the iPhone 4, Apple had played it safe with their screens, with only minor improvements all the way up to the iPhone 8. The iPhone X changed all that. It was the first Apple iPhone to completely ditch a bezel, the border between the edge of the phone’s screen and its frame. These used to be a necessary feature of iPhones to increase their durability and provide space for the home button and, later, the Touch ID sensor. But with the advent of tougher materials and new technology, Apple saw fit to drop it. That means the iPhone X delivers an impressively large 5.8” screen while still being small enough to fit in your pocket.

A used iPhone X delivers a jaw dropping display & incredible photos

The amazingness of the iPhone X’s display doesn’t stop at its size. It was also the first iPhone to sport an OLED screen. All previous iPhones used an LCD screen, and OLED is a serious upgrade. The pixels in an OLED display produce their own light and can be brightened or dimmed individually. This means much better contrast and colour depth for a sharper, clearer image. This display is so fantastic that a used iPhone X is still superior to the LCD screens found in the later iPhone 11 and iPhone SE models.

The dual camera setup is another part of the iPhone X that can still compete with cutting edge phones. It includes both a main wide-angle lens for standard landscape shots and a telephoto lens for portraits. The telephoto lens also gives you a 2x optical zoom which doesn’t affect image quality (a separate digital magnification lets you zoom in beyond that). Both lenses benefit from optical image stabilisation, keeping your shots clear and your videos shake-free. Apple completely rebuilt the sensor for the iPhone X, and a new image signal processor means better texture, colours and low-light performance. You can shoot videos in 4K, and in slow motion at 1080p full HD.

Premium power & security with a used iPhone X

The iPhone X is brilliant on the inside as well as the outside. The gorgeous screen and stunning camera are powered by a custom, Apple-designed CPU chip – the A11 Bionic. When developing the A11 Bionic chip, Apple added two extra processing cores, making it faster and better at running multiple apps at once. The A11 Bionic is so powerful that it actually outperforms the processor used in the base 2017 Apple MacBook! Even after several years, the iPhone X can still keep up with the hardware of phones from its competitors like Huawei, Samsung and Google and will comfortably run modern apps without slowdowns or getting hot.

This processor also runs the new security feature introduced with this Apple iPhone, FaceID. This system uses a special infrared sensor to map the contours of your face, creating a unique biometric ID to unlock your phone. Although experts were sceptical when FaceID was first released, it has proven to be a stunning success. It’s 20-times more secure than using TouchID and it's faster and easier to use, too. Just glance at your phone’s screen and it’ll unlock!

As well as upgrading the camera, display and processor, Apple improved the iPhone X’s body, too. This generation of Apple phones saw the design team go back to the drawing board for a fresh new look and a wealth of improvements. As well as taking off the bezel, they swapped out the aluminium back for a stainless-steel frame and reinforced Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on the phone’s rear. It’s also protected from splashes and spills with the IP67 water resistance. While this Apple phone is indeed tough, like all phones it isn’t invincible. We recommend buying a quality iPhone case together with a screen protector that’s designed to keep that beautiful display safe from cracks and scratches.

Buying a used iPhone X from OnBuy

Buying a used iPhone is a brilliant way to find a bargain, but you might be concerned that you won’t know what your second-hand handset will look like before you open the box. At OnBuy, we’ve made it quick and easy to know what condition each of the phones sold on our site is in. Once you’ve clicked through to one of our used iPhone X listings, scroll down until you see the ‘compare used sellers’ section of the page. There you’ll see an instant rating of the phone’s condition.

Our ratings range from Average Condition (meaning the phone still works well but has obvious marks showing that it’s a used phone) to Excellent Condition (the phone looks brand new and works perfectly). Along with these ratings you’ll see the condition notes box. This is where our verified sellers can provide more information about the phone they’re selling, including notes about its physical condition, whether it comes with the original accessories, if the seller is offering their own warranty and more.

You’ll also see links to each of our seller’s store pages, as well as their seller review score, so you’ll know exactly who you’re buying from. And if your used iPhone X wasn’t exactly what you thought you were getting, our PayPal Buyer Protection scheme protects your money for 180 days after purchase, making getting a refund a breeze. You can find out more about PayPal protection find out more about PayPal protection here.

Want a fresher phone? Buy a new or refurbished iPhone X at OnBuy!

Even a used phone kept in pristine condition won’t have the same performance as a box-fresh phone. So if you want something closer to the experience of buying a new iPhone X while still paying an iPhone X used price, check out our refurbished iPhone X selection.

These phones have been returned by a customer soon after they bought the phone, either because they spotted a minor, easily repairable fault or because they decided they didn’t want the phone after all. So they’re usually in better condition than a used phone – some are practically brand new! Speaking of which, if you think you’d prefer to get a new handset after all, brand new iPhone X models can be found in this category. Used, refurbished or brand new - with the prices at OnBuy there’s no excuse now for checking out one of the best iPhones ever!

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