A Village Affair

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A Village Affair
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The Grey House was the answer to everything in Alice Jordan's life - her perfect life. The beautiful eighteenth-century building with its orchard and paddock, the village of friendly eccentrics - Lettice Deverel with her parrot, and the vicar, a wonderful man - seemed to be the ultimate achievement of her outwardly happy marriage - a loyal, if dull husband, three children, two cars, and now, the house. So why did she feel that something crucial was missing? As they settled themselves solidly into local life (Monday, the community shop, Saturday, church flowers) the something missing in Alice's life became huge, then broke, scandalizing the village, opening up old wounds. But through it, because of it, Alice began to feel there was hope and humour, understanding and compassion in the new life she must build for herself.
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Details for A Village Affair
  • 9780552994101 (EAN)
Detailed Product Information:
Book Details
AuthorJoanna Trollope
PublisherTransworld Publishers Ltd
Book TypePaperback
Release Date21/09/1990

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