In a recent study, OnBuy found that The Nun is the UK's favourite sex position to try in lockdown - with a whopping 78% giving the not-so-pure technique a go. So just how naughty are we getting in the bedroom, and where are we taking inspiration from? One thing we know will get you in the mood is a great film sex scene.

In celebration of National Sex Day (09/06/20), we set out to investigate! OnBuy's Adult division asked 3,680 Brits* to pick their favourite film sex scenes of all time, and choose the sex scene they intend to try out with their partner.

Top ten film sex scenes:

Top 10 movie sex scenes
Brits' favourite sex scene


Overwhelmingly, Brits' favourite sex scene is the famous piano scorcher between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. In first place, the tense and atmospheric (save for a few random keynotes) encounter turned on 86% of our participants, with 65% wanting to try it out themselves. Lucky for anyone with a piano in their living room!

Temperatures are also set racing with the iconic car scene from Titanic. The steamy handprint still gets our heartbeats racing as we see Jack and Rose's relationship reach its climax. In second place, 83% chose it as their favourite and 79% want to recreate it with a partner.

The Notebook takes third place, with the emotional rain-kissing scene being preferred by 81% of Brits. If the raw chemistry between Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling didn't sell it for us, his strength to carry her in one hand up the stairs with his trousers around his ankles certainly does. Noah sets the bar high for boyfriend goals in this one scene alone, with 80% of those asked wanting to try it.

No.Sex scene% Chosen% Who want to try it out
1'The piano scene' - Pretty Woman (1990)86%65%
2'The car scene' - Titanic (1997)83%79%
3'The rain-kissing scene' - The Notebook (2004)81%80%
4'The pottery scene' - Ghost (1990)79%42%
5'The fight scene' - Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005)75%70%
6'The making it happen scene' - No Strings Attached (2011)74%55%
7'The love scene' - Dirty Dancing (1987)72%68%
8'The love scene' - Cruel Intentions (1999)70%75%
9'The elevator scene' - Fifty Shades Darker (2017)69%74%
10'The beginning scene' - Irréversible (2002)67%71%

Voted 'one of the most romantic film moments ever', it's perhaps less surprising that cult classic Ghost makes the top ten. It may be cliché to a Ghost virgin, but it's seemingly hard not to feel anything from the sultry pottery scene as 79% chose it as their favourite.

Following Ghost is the fight scene in Mr. and Mrs. Smith and the making it happen scene from No Strings Attached, to make fifth and sixth place. These were chosen by 75% and 74% of participants respectively as some of the hottest film sex scenes.

Our list of sex scenes just wouldn't be complete without Dirty Dancing. The captivating performance from Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey captured the hearts of viewers globally and this was the pick of 72% of Brits. 68% would love to get dirty and dance like they did.

Interestingly, tenth place is awarded to a more controversial entry: the 2002 French psychological thriller, Irréversible. The beginning scene in the thriller sets temperatures soaring from the get-go, as 67% were turned on by this scene and 71% admitted they wanted to experience it themselves. (We're certainly glad it wasn't one of the other scenes that participants wanted to recreate...)

Sex scenes worth watching

Pexels/Jonatahn Borba

Further film sex scenes worth watching

While couples have been getting more jiggy in recent months, OnBuy are also aware that many are unhappy with their sex lives. To inspire more couples today, we delved further into the tantalising film sex scenes worth celebrating!

If sex toys and missionary aren't doing the trick anymore, consider the films claiming 11-20th place to help you reach your climax:

No.Sex scene% Chosen% Who want to try it out
11'The library scene' - Atonement (2007)66%82%
12'The oral sex scene' - Blue Valentine (2010)65%77%
13'The kitchen scene' - Revolutionary Road (2008)63%59%
14'The tent scene' - Brokeback Mountain (2005)62%73%
15'The sex scene' - Basic Instinct (1992)61%68%
16'The first night scene' - Call Me By Your Name (2017)60%70%
17'The lakeside scene' - Boys Don't Cry (1999)59%67%
18'The beach scene' - Moonlight (2016)57%65%
19'The sex on a train scene' - Risky Business (1983)54%72%
20'The roller coaster scene' - Fear (1996)53%69%

Whether it's stylish but scandalous sex in a library you're after (Atonement, 2007), some exposed fun on a train (Risky Business, 1983), or even a roller coaster (Fear, 1996), films are a great way to reignite the flame in the bedroom.

If you're looking for another way to get you in the mood, you might want to try reading the Kama Sutra instead - the UK's favourite book according to recent research!

* Respondents were asked between 25/05/20 - 08/06/20.