It's no secret that everyone loves watching TV and since lockdown began, Brits have become even more immersed in TV shows to keep them entertained and escape from reality.

With the average Briton spending two hours a day streaming TV from the likes of NOW TV and Netflix, and dedicating hours upon hours of their spare time to watching countless episodes, the last thing any fan wants is a disappointing finale.

Interested in what fans really think about our favourite TV shows, OnBuy's Electronics team surveyed 1,835 fans to find out the TV series’ endings that disappointed them the most.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

Which TV series finale are fans most disappointed with?

Game of Thrones


1. Game of Thrones (87%)

The variety of dramatic twists had made people completely and utterly addicted to Game of Thrones, but the season finale failed to meet fans’ expectations. The impressive visual effects were not enough to make an impression on fans, resulting in a poor 4-star review for the final episode. The ‘rushed’ execution left plot holes in the storyline, making fans question Daenerys' sudden evil shift, the easy death of The Night King, and the redemptive final for Cersei and James.

How I Met Your Mother

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2. How I Met Your Mother (54%)

After 9 seasons of How I Met Your Mother, fans were excited to see Ted finally meeting the mother of his children, but the end wasn't quite what fans had expected. In the final series, Ted meets Tracy and lives the life he always dreamt of, but in the closing minutes of the final episode, Tracy becomes unwell and dies. Robin and Barney get divorced and, following his kids’ advice, Ted realises he still has feelings for Robin and pursues her.


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3. Sherlock (42%)

This classic British TV show was a hit with fans thanks to its vibrant narrative until Sherlock discovered his sister's existence in the season finale - a storyline many felt failed to connect with the previous seasons. As a result, fans have branded the series finale highly disappointing and frustrating.


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4. Lost (29%)

Since ending in 2010, Lost's ending is still considered confusing and controversial to say the least. The TV series presented many mysteries and supernatural events, raising questions that were not answered in the season’s finale. The many plotlines in the story left fans asking themselves what was the destiny of the survivors? Were the passengers from Oceanic 815 dead the entire time? Is Jack dead too?



5. Dexter (27%)

According to the majority of fans we surveyed, a long list of unrealistic events in the final season of Dexter caused fans to lose interest. The last episode has been described as ‘far-fetched’, leaving fans unconvinced that a smart serial killer like Dexter would leave his son with another serial killer (Hannah), run off with his sister's body and throw her into the ocean, survive a hurricane, and start a new life with a brand new identity.

Prison Break

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6. Prison Break (16%)

The main flaw in Prison Break is that the show may have dragged on for too long. The first two seasons were exciting, and fans were glued to their screens watching Michael and his brother’s life in prison. However, as the seasons continued, the narrative became highly predictable, leaving many fans bored.

Two and a Half Men

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7. Two and a Half Men (13%)

The public was excited to see Charlie Harper making a comeback in the final series of Two and a Half Men, but the actor refused to show up in the final episode. The co-creator of the comedy show, Chuck Lorre, couldn't put his resentment aside and disappointed fans with a finale that felt more like an offence to Charlie Sheen than a fair ending for his character.

Gossip Girl

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8. Gossip Girl (12%)

The last episode of the popular teen drama left fans with mixed feelings. Gossip Girl's identity was a surprise to most fans - and not very well explained. Fans were left with umpteen questions, including “How could Dan Humphrey be the famous blogger?” as it’s believed it was physically impossible for him to be the culprit when he was in public or with his friends when posts were made. And how could Serena forgive Dan and get married to him after Gossip Girl ruined her life?

The Vampire Diaries and How To Get Away With Murder

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9. The Vampire Diaries and How To Get Away With Murder (11%)

Joint ninth place goes to The Vampire Diaries and How to Get Away with Murder, with 11% of fans branding them ‘disappointing’. The shows’ TV finales weren’t as unforgivable as the previous eight, but they are still considered one of the top 10 worst TV finales by fans.

The Vampire Diaries, which aired for 8 seasons, was a hit among fans - so much so it had two spin-off shows: The Originals and Legacies. However, fans were left bitterly disappointed that Damon and Elena never got back together, resulting in no happy ending - not the finale fans were hoping for.

How to Get Away with Murder was full of unexpected plot twists from start to finish, each more ridiculous than the next. The season finale was no different, with the final episode teasing Annalise’s ‘death’ which no fans expected to witness!

The Most Disappointing TV Finales