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Pull-Ups & Training Pants

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Shop OnBuy's great range of pull-ups and training pants to find something to help your (not so) little one through the next stage of toilet training. Read More >
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About Pull-Ups & Training Pants

A conventional nappy wicks away any wetness, making them great for babies so they're not uncomfortable between changes, but you need a different type of underwear for toilet training children. 

This is where training pants come in! Training pants are the stepping stone between nappies and "grown-up" pants. They're designed have much less absorbency than a nappy so your tot will be aware that they've gone potty. This helps them break away from the idea of nappies and get used to the idea that toilets must be used instead.

Pull-ups are designed for the stages of toilet training when your little one might still be having accidents and needs the absorbency of a nappy, but are easy to get on and off so they can practice going by themselves. Find something to suit your little one at whatever stage they're in here at OnBuy.