The phenomenal growth of OnBuy and its popularity among sellers features in a leading BBC report.

The broadcast features OnBuy's innovative advertising campaign, which reached an estimated 20m UK households over the Christmas and New Year period.

Alastair Fee, Business Correspondent at BBC South, came along to OnBuy's headquarters in Poole to meet the team and find out more about why we have grown so quickly over the last year.

Cas Paton, OnBuy's Managing Director, tells the BBC:
"OnBuy makes selling cheaper for sellers."


"We don't compete with sellers because we are not a retailer or a product like other marketplaces can be."

World of Books, which employs 600 people and is one of the biggest online booksellers in the world, praises the value of trading on OnBuy.

Stephen Boobyer, Managing Director of World of Books, says: "Any new marketplace that trades in the UK and in Europe is welcome.

"With Brexit approaching, it's more important than ever that we are able to trade on numerous global platforms."

Sellers of all sizes from across a range of sectors are benefiting from OnBuy, including Longacres Garden Centre in Surrey, which is one of the leading sources of gardening supplies in the UK.

Michael Ainley, IT manager at Longacres Garden Centre, says: "We have been selling on the marketplaces for a long time now and this is the first true independent start-up as a British one.