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Important Update: OnBuy Impostors

Published 20th September 2022
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Modified on 2024-07-18

We know of several sites pretending to be OnBuy or claiming to help OnBuy users - this isn’t us and we’re in no way connected to them. 

Here’s a list of some of the sites:

  • OnBuy Pro
  • OnBuy Mall
  • OnBuy Store
  • OnBuy Price Tracker
  • OnBuy-UK
  • OnBuy Shop
  • OnBuy APK
  • OnBuy-int
  • OnBuy VIP
  • OnBuy Global
These impostors have been operating on social sites like Linkedin, Facebook groups, Twitter, Whatsapp and Telegram chats. Some even have an ‘OnBuy’ app, as well as a website. currently doesn't have an app or a WhatsApp number.

The impostors try to trick people into thinking they’re dealing with a real company (in this case, OnBuy) when it’s actually a scam. These platforms will often encourage you to sign up to something, sign up others, complete daily tasks or invest money. 

OnBuy is a legitimate, UK-based company you can trust. We’re an online marketplace that connects retailers with customers - nothing more, nothing less! 

Check out our company information by heading to our terms.

What is OnBuy doing about this?

We’ve taken action to have these sites shut down and some have been removed already, but if you come across anything that doesn’t feel quite right, please report it to Action Fraud. You can find out how to do this here.

If you’re an OnBuy seller, our Account Management Team may call you to confirm your account details as part of our verification process. If we do that, we’ll ask you to log in to your account and confirm the information from there; we won’t ask you to confirm any details over the phone or via email.

What can I do if I’m contacted by an OnBuy impostor?

Impersonation scams are becoming much more common. This is where fraudsters pretend to be from organisations we know and trust. Our advice is to stay alert and carefully consider anything that seems too good to be true. It’s also a good idea to be wary of people that contact you out of the blue, especially if they promise high returns or pressure you to invest money quickly.

If you get a suspicious email or text, don't reply or click on any links and don't open any attachments. If you think you're being targeted by phone call, just hang up. You can find more information on how to spot a scam in this guide by Citizen’s Advice.

How will I know if OnBuy is contacting me?

As an online marketplace, we'll never contact anyone through messaging apps such as Telegram or Whatsapp and we’ll only ever send you emails if you’ve bought something from us or if you’ve signed up to receive our marketing emails (via our Popular or About Us pages).

We don’t have an app at the moment, but here’s a list of where you can find us:

Finally, we just wanted to say a huge thank you to our customers, sellers and team who have been keeping an eye out and making us aware of these fraudulent sites. With your continued support and help, we’ve been able to take action against these platforms.