OnBuy has announced a partnership with Linnworks, offering thousands of sellers the opportunity to seamlessly trade on the UK's fastest-growing marketplace.

To mark the launch of its new Linnworks App, OnBuy is offering all users of the e-commerce service a year of trading without subscription fees.

The move makes it easy for thousands of businesses which use Linnworks for order and inventory management, stock control and order processing to benefit from OnBuy's rapid growth and high-profile marketing campaign.

To take advantage of the offer, business users simply need to quote the promo code LINNAPPDEAL when signing up with OnBuy by 31st January 2018.

To integrate with OnBuy, sellers simply need to link their Linnworks app with OnBuy, export product data from Linnworks to OnBuy and start selling. The process is straightforward but OnBuy will offer free technical support if needed.

Users can process their OnBuy orders, send dispatch notifications, and manage stock updates and prices through Linnworks.


"We're delighted to be adding an integration with OnBuy to the Linnworks Application Store..."

Callum Campbell, CEO, Linnworks

Cas Paton, MD of OnBuy, said: "We are delighted to welcome Linnworks sellers to OnBuy through this integration, which makes selling on our platform straightforward and hassle-free for thousands of users.

"We have huge ambitions and growth plans for 2018 and beyond, and we want to make joining OnBuy as attractive and convenient as possible.

"Our low commission rates make us an attractive marketplace for sellers who are fed up with paying high fees on sales. Our rapidly-growing sales show that sellers appreciate OnBuy as a genuine alternative.

"This new Linnworks partnership combined with our fee-free offer makes selling on OnBuy a natural choice for Linnworks businesses and we look forward to welcoming them aboard."

Callum Campbell, CEO of Linnworks, said: "We're delighted to be adding an integration with OnBuy to the Linnworks Application Store, providing our customer base with an even greater choice of channels and access to one of the fastest growing marketplaces in the UK.

"The team at OnBuy have worked incredibly hard to develop this integration and we look forward to working closely with them in 2018."

OnBuy, launched in 2016, is rapidly growing with more than two million products online. Last month it launched a major TV advertising campaign which reached 20 million homes through ITV.