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OnBuy Research Reveals What Work Perks Help Make The Perfect Job

Published 27th January 2022
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At OnBuy, we wanted to shed some light on the nation’s most sought-after work perks, so we commissioned a survey to find out more. After adding a bonus and equity shares in the company to existing benefits like flexible working, we questioned whether that helped to create a happy workforce.

After speaking to 2,000 UK workers, the study revealed that flexible working was, in fact, the most sought-after perk, with 50% of survey participants naming it the most important factor when it comes to picking an employer. Fortunately, flexible working hours are part and parcel of many roles at OnBuy, a move that aims to promote a healthy work/life balance for all employees. 

As well as flexible hours, a high salary and a great team of colleagues followed, with these work perks seeming to be the deciding factors for many job seekers. To support these findings, OnBuy also took to the streets to discover what employees actually value in a company, the workplace benefits they’re willing to compromise on, and the non-negotiables!

It seems many prospective employees now see value in a strong company culture, flexible working hours and having positive relationships with their colleagues - all factors that help to boost general happiness in both their professional and personal lives.

Cas Paton, CEO of OnBuy, said: 

“Flexible working has become a huge feature in our daily lives since the start of the pandemic, and it looks like that's here to stay. We encourage all our staff to ‘own the way they work’ by offering both a flexible and hybrid work policy, making it easier for employees to manage their family/work routines.”

With the desire for flexible working on the rise, it understandably follows that the staff incentives of a gym membership, a trendy office and a company car were found to be some of the least desired work perks from the study, but what else has persuaded job hunters to accept an offer of employment?

Not far behind the top three was an understanding and friendly boss, with 40% of survey respondents highlighting a compassionate boss as one of the most important factors to consider. Good sick pay and having everything you require to get the job done followed right behind, highlighting just how many job seekers now regard fair and considerate employers above material benefits.

Paton added:

 “People are at the very core of everything we do at OnBuy, and we believe understanding what workers want from their workplace is essential to having a happy workforce. 

“We also believe in making people feel valued. Giving staff equity in a business is a fantastic way of showing them they are a valued part of the success. For when the business succeeds, we all succeed.”

With a significant proportion of survey respondents citing the boss, poor management or bullying as reasons for leaving their previous place of work, it makes sense that a respectful and considerate leader matters when committing to the right role. With Cas Paton at the helm, supported by the growing leadership team, OnBuy employees are encouraged to support each other and thrive in their work.

Offering flexible working hours, substantial staff equity, and recognition through a generous company bonus scheme, OnBuy aims to ensure all 100-plus employees feel valued and happy - regardless of their specific role. Boasting 224% growth year on year, it’s clear that a happy workforce is a productive workforce, too! Click here to see the open roles at OnBuy.

Top 30 desired work perks

1.  Flexible working hours

2.  A high salary

3.  A great team of colleagues

4.  Understanding and friendly bosses

5.  Good sick pay

6.  Having everything you need to get the job done

7.  An annual bonus

8.  It being somewhere you feel proud to work

9.  Working somewhere you are confident you can ring in an emergency and get time off

10.   The ability to work from anywhere you want

11.   Amount of time off to exceed the legal minimum

12.   Visible opportunities for promotion and to rise through the ranks

13.   A four-day working week

14.   A staff discount

15.   Private healthcare

16.   A good HR department

17.   An extensive training scheme

18.   Staff equity

19.   A workplace that is very diverse

20.   A workplace that is very green and eco-friendly

21.   Shutting down early on Friday afternoons

22.   Unlimited annual leave

23.   Six months or more of paid maternity/paternity leave

24.   Your birthday off from work

25.   A coffee machine in the office

26.   Your own office

27.   The opportunity to travel

28.   A company car

29.   Colleagues who love to socialise

30.   Gym membership