These are testing times, both personally and professionally, with the pandemic creating a level of disruption that generations of people won't have experienced before. But it is during times like these where people and businesses can offer a lending hand and support one another.

We're aware of news that one of our competitors has stopped third-party sellers of 'non-essential products' from shipping to its warehouses, and want to do what we can to help all businesses that find themselves cut off, albeit temporarily, from any of their revenue streams.

In light of this news, we're today making a commitment to waive our normal monthly Standard subscription fee to any seller that has experienced disruption due to Amazon's recent decision, for the next 3 months.

New sellers can join OnBuy with the code OB2020 to receive a 100% discount on Standard subscription fees for 3 months, as long as they sign up and use the code by 01/05/2020.

Not only will we not charge affected sellers to sell through, but after the 3 months, they'll benefit from our unique, industry-leading Sales Guarantee, where for any month they make under £500 in sales, the next month's subscription fee is waived. Our Transparent Fee Guarantee will also apply to them as well, where all of our sellers pay the same selling fees, regardless of size or how much they sell.

We're passionate about helping independent sellers grow and thrive in a fairer eCommerce world, but we're also constantly focusing on our customers and making sure they're getting access to the products and services they are used to.

The OnBuy team is working tirelessly to ensure that all products are marketed correctly, and that prices remain competitive but fair. Along with this, our IT team is working to ensure our website can handle the increased load so we stay online for customers and sellers who can still trade; our Customer Care team is on hand to help answer any questions; and our Support team is helping our current sellers manage their accounts.

Cas Paton, founder and CEO, said,

"A large number of independent sellers and small businesses are facing huge financial losses due to Amazon's recent ban on its warehouse distribution. In these cases we have committed to waiving subscription fees so they can continue to operate online. This coronavirus has unexpectedly upset the once even playing field of online marketplaces, but we're working hard to ensure everyone, both buyers and sellers, are treated fairly."