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Devout Sceptics
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Radio 4's award-winning series Devout Sceptics has attracted a large audience fascinated by one of the biggest questions human beings ask: is there a God? A wide range of distinguished guests discuss in fascinating ways the spiritually testing territory between faith and doubt, through analysis as well as personal revelation and reflection. In a thought-provoking introduction, Bel Mooney draws together the themes of the book making this a truly illuminating and timely examination of our contemporary suspicion of organised religion - but which nevertheless recognises and explores the perennial human urge to reach out for meaning beyond the merely material or secular. Guests include: Ben Okri, Professor Paul Davies, Joanna Trollope, Dr Jonathan Miller, John Cleese, Clare Short, Philip Pullman and Susie Orbach.

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  • 0340862025 (ISBN-10)
  • 9780340862025 (ISBN)
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