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How To Hold The Ultimate Backyard Birthday Party For Your Kids

Published 4th June 2021
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From homemade sandwiches to jelly and ice cream, bouncy castles to dancing the ‘Macarena’, we all remember the thrills and spills of birthday parties as a child. As a youngster, your birthday bash was the event of the year - a whole day dedicated to fun, activities and, of course, you! No matter the event, whether big or small, as long as there was some form of entertainment and a banquet of bite-sized treats, it was a day to remember!

Although the days of your own childhood birthday parties are behind you, you can still enjoy the magic and mayhem of kid-friendly festivities by hosting a backyard bash for your little ones in the comfort of your own garden! Yes, say goodbye to expensive hall rentals, caterers, and guest DJs; this year, garden parties are back with a bang - and we’ve got everything you need to host the ultimate event for your youngsters right here in this blog! 

If planning a birthday party for your children (and their hordes of hyperactive friends) fills you with dread, don’t fret: it needn’t be as stressful as it seems! The key here is to plan in advance. From sorting the entertainment to cooking up a storm, perfecting the party playlist to draping the decorations, we’ll outline some of the best kids’ garden party ideas to help you host the most exciting event of the year. Parent of the Year Award just got a new nominee!

Let’s get this party started!

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A fabulously fun birthday isn’t a party without an array of exciting kids’ garden games and activities to keep everyone entertained! By having the party in your own backyard, you can tailor each game to suit your little one’s interests and craft your very own itinerary of fun-filled festivities. 

If you’re working with a smaller space, classic games like Hide and Seek are a sure-fire way to get the party started. To enhance the fun, why not turn it into a treasure hunt? You could create a map of clues, riddles, and images to lead your little explorers to their bounty - whether that be sweeties, glow sticks, or novelty party supplies. You could even start them off with an empty party bag and lead them to find their own goodies to take home at the end of the day. The more creative, the better!

Small-scale lawn games are another great way to keep the good times going when you’re limited on space. To rile up some competitive spirit, you could combine some games together, split the party into teams, and host a variety of races and tournaments. That’s definitely one way to burn up some energy and make room for a feast of party treats - more on that later! 

For larger outdoor areas, why not make use of every inch of your garden? A great way to do this is to set up an array of activity stations, each with a different game to play. If you’ve got some parents that are willing to stay for the duration of the party and keep a close eye on each station, the kids can pick and choose what activities they want to do. From target games to trampolines, sensory toys to skipping ropes, there’s truly something to thrill every tot out there.

A classic crowd-pleaser for children is anything that remotely resembles something they’d find in their favourite soft play centre. To bring the excitement of the ball pit to your garden, why not blow up an inflatable pool and fill it with a bunch of plastic balls? Or, if you’re looking to take it one step further, grab yourself a bouncy castle and some other inflatables to create a fun-filled inflatable obstacle course! This is a great birthday party activity that’ll keep everyone active and involved - and you can include some prizes for the winners! 

Most children will want to choose a theme for their party - be that animals, pirates, or princesses - and there’s nothing better to get everyone looking the part than a face painting station! Whether you’re a dab hand at painting yourself or you book a professional, a face painting stand will immediately get all of the kids looking the part, and you can paint them in the style of whatever the chosen theme is!

Music makes you lose control

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No party ever gets started until the music starts blaring, and a kids' birthday bonanza is no different! Children love music and dancing as much as us adults, and it’s important to get the right music setup for the party you're throwing. 

For younger children, all you’ll need is a Bluetooth speaker, a PG party playlist filled with dance hits (think Baby Shark, for instance!), and some music-themed games. Timeless classics like Pass the Parcel and Musical Chairs are certified crowd-pleasers, even to this day! Wrap up loads of small goodies for prizes and get the fun started!

For those of you throwing a bash for slightly older children, you may want to go the whole hog and get some DJ equipment, lights, and some big, loud speakers. Yes, even the most angsty pre-teens won’t be able to resist getting up and shakin’ their groove thang with this setup in your amusement arsenal! Not to mention, it’s a great way for the parents to let off some steam, too!

Food, glorious food!

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Feeding a large group of fussy eaters with various different likes and dislikes can be a nightmare, so it’s best to keep the party cuisine simple yet effective! Before you think about serving any food, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got all of the seating sorted and ready to go. 

Get a long outdoor dining table (or push together multiple smaller tables) and grab some folding chairs to make sure that everyone can sit together and enjoy their party feast. An alternative to this would be to set out some picnic blankets and sit on the floor - this may be easier if you have limited space in your backyard. Additionally, you’ll need to ensure you have plenty of party tableware, such as disposable plates, cups, and lots of themed napkins for those messy eaters! 

When it comes to the food and drink - think small and simple. Sandwiches (cut into triangles), crisps, and squash are safe bets, with added salad and fruit for those children who are moving out of the fussy stage! Savoury nibbles and bite-sized treats always go down well, from cocktail sausages and buffet eggs to mini pizzas and sausage rolls (or cheese and onion, if some of your guests are veggie). Sugary, sweet treats are another hit. For this, think cake pops, celebration cupcakes, and ice lollies. Most importantly, don’t forget about the birthday cake! This is the biggest part of the party and each attendee will get a piece to take home, so make sure it's really tasty!

Bunting, banners, and balloons

party decorations for children

Depending on your theme, you’ll need different colours and styles of decorations, but there’s some party essentials that you simply can’t go without. Balloons are an absolute must, whether they’re filled with helium and flying high or simply blown up with a lot of puff! Providing that quintessential party atmosphere, balloons are a simple yet effective way to give your birthday bash the ‘wow’ factor. In this instance, more is… well… more! Stuff your space with balloons and watch your little lovely’s face light up when they see your garden transformation!

To further decorate your backyard, get some party banners and bunting and attach them to fences, walls, or any garden furniture you have. Particularly effective if you have a certain theme, these delightful decorations are sure to improve the party atmosphere!

Add some party hats, confetti, and party poppers to the mix, and you're nearly all set - but don’t forget the party bags! We touched on these briefly earlier, but they’re definitely worth their own notable mention. Party bags are a staple of every kids’ birthday party, providing each person with something exciting to take home. They come in all different shapes and sizes, covering all manner of themes, so you’re sure to find the perfect ones to commemorate the celebrations. Stuff the bag with a slice of the scrummy birthday cake, some sweets, and a few small items (such as bubble blowers or cool stickers), and then party bags are ready for distribution!

Backyard birthday sorted

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It’s always a big task to organise and hold a thrilling children’s birthday party, but with these tips and tricks hidden up your sleeve, the next bash is set to be the easiest one yet! With so many kids’ birthday ideas to explore, you’ll be hosting the ultimate backyard bash in no time at all. What’s more, once you’ve secured some of these games and accessories and added them to your amusement arsenal, you can enjoy a whole summer of fun in the sun with your little ones, so you’ve got their birthday and the school holidays sorted - bonus! 

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Please note: At the time of publishing, some social distancing restrictions are still in place in the UK. This limits outdoor gatherings to a maximum of 30 people. For more information, consult the GOV.UK website here.

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