Children's Garden Toys

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Entice your little ones away from the screens and get them outside having some good old fashioned fun instead with the help of OnBuy's range of garden toys. We've got a selection that kids of all ages will adore playing with - and if you're lucky, they'll burn off all their excess energy at the same time! Read More >

About Children's Garden Toys

There's nothing better than spending time outdoors on a sunny day - but we all know little ones need something to keep them entertained (they'll learn to love sunbathing eventually!). Arm your tots with everything they need to turn an average afternoon into a fun-filled day of activity with our collection of kids' garden toys

Looking for a great way to encourage your tot to be more active? Explore our fantastic selection of kids' hula hoops! They're enormously fun for grown-ups and little ones alike, and will sneak in some exercise in a way that your kids won't be able to get enough of - they'll be trying to keep their hula-hooping streak going for hours! Find colourful hula hoops that your tots will adore, and reinforced hula hoops that'll be perfect for the more adventurous kids. 

Or take playtime back to the basics with our range of toy balls: this faithful classic will entertain your child endlessly. They can play so many different games - from simply bouncing their ball to playing catch with a friend, there's no limit to the fun they'll have! Our selection of kids' toy balls is packed with plenty to choose from: we've even got toy ball multi-packs so your little ones can get more creative with their games - or to keep in the cupboard as back-up when a ball goes over the hedge!