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6 Fun Outdoor Games For Kids To Try This Summer

Published 30th April 2021
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Lockdown cabin fever got you climbing the walls? With summer well on its way, now is the time to fully appreciate the great outdoors and enjoy some open-air activities with the kids, getting them out of the house and peeling them away from their screens. If you've been confined to your home with your children, you'll be happy to venture beyond the four walls of your house - and there's no doubt your kids will thank you for it, too.

Now that there’s an end in sight to lockdown restrictions, there are plenty of get-togethers, garden BBQs, and beach parties on the horizon - not to mention summer holidays are right around the corner, too! While you’ll want to relax, socialise and soak up the freedom, the kids are going to need to burn off their seemingly boundless energy. With a great selection of outdoor toys and games at your disposal, you can keep the little ones engaged and active while the adults enjoy a well-deserved break. If that sounds good to you, keep on reading for six super fun outdoor games that the whole family can enjoy!

Why should children play outside?

boy flying kite

The sun is shining, and the outdoors are calling! No matter if your child is a tot or a teen, it’s essential to encourage them to spend time away from their screens and enjoy playing outside. With TV, apps and video games becoming a daily distraction for young ones, it’s getting harder and harder to encourage kids to get outside and into the great outdoors. However, getting your kids outside is crucial to their development - not only is spending time out in the fresh air relaxing and enjoyable, but it’s also essential for you and your family’s physical and mental wellbeing! 

Outdoor play is hugely beneficial to children and has been shown to improve motor skills, social development, and overall health. It’s out in nature that children come to life - outdoors, kids can be kids! They can make a mess, run, jump, hide and let their imaginations run wild without any of the restrictions that come with being confined to the house. Getting them outside, playing and socialising with their friends allows your child to burn off energy that’s been pent up over the past year.

A summer of fun in the sun awaits

outdoor playing kids

No matter whether it’s a birthday party or play date, when you have a group of kids over it’s always handy to have entertaining activities hidden up your sleeve. Kid’s games don’t only provide much-needed laughs, but they often also encourage creativity, play and teamwork. While playing indoors is suitable, we can all agree that we’ve spent more than enough time at home as of late and there’s a whole world outside to enjoy! You can quickly maximise the potential of your outdoor space with a wide range of lawn games and activities for kids that will keep your little ones active, engaged and entertained for hours on end!

Not only do outdoor activities allow children to get messy and really burn off their excess energy, but there’s the added benefit that fresh air makes for a good night’s sleep at the end of the day, too! Outdoor toys and games aren’t just restricted to your garden either, as you can take them with you wherever you go! Whether you’re off for an afternoon at the beach, visiting gran and grandad in their garden, or planning a staycation, there are plenty of options out there that your kids will love. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our top outdoor games for kids for plenty of brilliant ways to encourage your little ones to get outside, breathe in the fresh air, and have lots of fun!

Soak N' Splash 16ft Water Slide With Sprinkler

Soak N' Splash 16ft Water Slide With Sprinkler

Age: 5+

Pros: Great for hot weather, will burn off a lot of energy

Cons: Needs plenty of space, adult supervision required at all times

The perfect outdoor activity for a fabulously hot summer day, this water slide with seven independent sprinklers will prove to be a huge hit with the kids, and there’s absolutely no doubt that this water slide will provide hours of family fun. The nozzle connects to any garden hose and comes with a pair of large ground pegs that will make sure the slide isn’t going anywhere. As this water slide has a 16ft long runway with a small pool at the bottom, it will need a grassy garden area big enough to place it. Adult supervision is required with this game at all times.

10pc Rock Climbing Stones Set

10pc Rock Climbing Stones Set

Age: 3+

Pros: Completely adjustable and can grow alongside your child, teaches coordination skills

Cons: Doesn’t come with a climbing wall, so you’ll need to create or buy your own, needs plenty of space

These climbing stones make for an excellent activity to challenge your children, setting off on an adventure in the comfort of your own garden while also improving their balance and coordination. Designed to withstand the elements, the climbing stones can be used to create a climbing wall, placed in any combination. With screws and bolts included, you can create a climbing wall that will grow with your child, making it a great activity no matter your youngster's age. These heavy-duty climbing rocks are perfect to use as your very own rock climbing wall or as an addition to any climbing frame you already have in your garden. While this is a great garden activity for kids, this set of climbing stones doesn’t come with a wall, so you’ll need to create a climbing wall yourself.

Nerf Connect 4 Blast | Nerf Gun Game

Nerf Connect 4 Blast | Nerf Gun Game

Age: 8+

Pros: An exciting twist on an old classic, will get your child thinking strategically

Cons: Disks may get lost, not suitable for very young children

A modern take on a classic game, the aim of the game is to be the first to get four in a row through clever tactics and shooting the right targets. This game will get your little ones thinking strategically without them even realising. With no complicated loading mechanism and soft foam darts, the mini Nerf guns provided are simple and safe enough for young children to play. Fun for all the family, there’s no beating this game if you’re looking for easy entertainment. Adult supervision is recommended. Do not aim Nerf blasters at eyes or face.

Kid’s Archery Set

Kid’s Archery Set

Age: 6+

Pros: Can be played alone or with friends, safe for children to play without close supervision

Cons: Requires batteries, only one bow so children will need to take it in turns

Made with strong, durable materials, this fantastic beginners archery set is a fun and safe way for your kids to play, either on their own or with friends. The set comes with a light-up bow, three arrows with suckers and a target for kids to practice time and time again. A great post-BBQ game to help burn off the al fresco feast, this fun-filled set is a sure-fire way to keep the whole family entertained - tots and big kids alike! Not only is it incredibly fun, but it also helps to improve mental focus, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness.

The only downside to this amateur archery set is that it only comes with one bow, so your little ones will need to take it in turns. To prevent any squabbles, create a fun point-scoring game that requires the bow to be passed on after each turn, or let them shoot all three arrows one after the other before passing on the proverbial baton, if you will. Pair this set with the fully-loaded sports day set mentioned previously, and you’ve got yourself an afternoon full of fun in the sun!



Age: 8+

Pros: Plastic-free, encourages motor skills and coordination, doesn’t need a large space to play

Cons: May get repetitive after a few rounds, older children may get bored easily

If you’ve got a competitive streak, this game will keep you engaged for hours! Kubb is a game of careful strategy and tactics and provides hours of imagination, entertainment and fun! This plastic-free game includes one king skittle, 10 Kubb skittles, six throwing sticks, four field marking stakes and rules. No matter whether your garden is big or small, this game won’t fail to entertain and delight!

Traditional by nature, the only downside to this game is that it may get a little repetitive over time. To keep the game exciting and fresh, why not come up with your own rules? Try out some funny trick shots and increase the throwing distance to up the ante. Perfect for those balmy summer evenings, this simple game is a sure-fire way to keep the family entertained.

Let the kids run wild

party with children

There you have it, plenty of games that are both entertaining and educational to keep kids occupied in the great outdoors this summer! Whether you're after something to keep them entertained while the adults relax, or you want a game that everyone can enjoy, we've got you covered with our fantastic selection of kid’s games. For even more hours of fun, check out our variety of outdoor toys and games. Or, if the weather isn't playing ball, take a look at our full range of games that are perfect for playtimes indoors. 

Hosting a kid’s party? Make up for those lockdown birthdays by stocking up party supplies, such as balloons, cake decorations and party bag fillers. Minimise the post-party tidy by grabbing some disposable tableware while you’re here. From disposable cups to paper plates, we have everything you need to enjoy a fuss-free function from the comfort of your own garden. After all, who said kids should have all the fun? 

The information in this buyer’s guide is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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