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Smart ovens: What they are and why you want one

Published 13th January 2023
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Smart ovens are the latest trend in cooking appliances, and they’re revolutionising the way we cook. They're ovens equipped with advanced features that allow you to control your oven from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.

They have loads of benefits, not just for people who love the latest technology, but for ordinary cooks and home keepers. However, they can also be a bit confusing and not a little intimidating. That's why we've written this explainer article. You'll learn exactly how smart ovens works and their benefits, so you can find out if they're right for you!

How does a smart oven work?

Basically, a smart oven is an electric oven that uses Wi-Fi to connect to your home network router. This allows it to communicate with your smartphone or tablet through an app. This means you can check on the progress of your food while you’re away from home or adjust settings without having to be in the kitchen.

They're part of a growing sector in the tech world: Smart home appliances. This term describes a series of different everyday items that have been upgraded with smart technology, from smart kettles to smart light bulbs to smart thermostats. These smart appliances can be connected together by a smart speaker or smartphone app so that they can be controlled from one spot or work together to be more efficient.

What are the benefits of a smart oven?

The biggest benefits of a smart oven aren't superior cooking speeds or a bigger capacity, it's all the high tech features that allow you to cook smarter. So what can a smart oven do that a regular oven can't? Let's find out!

Automatically adjust temperature

Your smart oven can recognise different types of food and automatically adjust cooking times and temperatures accordingly. For example, if you place a pizza in the oven, it will detect this and set itself to bake at the optimal temperature for perfect results every time. Some models also have built-in sensors that measure internal food temperatures so you don’t have to worry about overcooking or undercooking anything.

Activate other features

Other models combine their smart features with advanced cooking modes. For example, some smart ovens are also steam ovens. Say you want to bake a homemade sourdough loaf. When the smart oven detects that you're baking bread, it will activate the steam oven mode, adding in just the right amount of moisture for your bread to rise beautifully.

Save you energy

Smart ovens typically come with energy-saving features such as delayed start timers and automatic switch-offs. A smart oven is never running when it doesn't need to be, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint over time.

Listen to your commands

Another great feature of a smart oven is voice commands. You can activate this feature by connecting your oven to a smart speaker. Set it up and you can tell your oven to preheat itself to a specific temperature, cancel programmes and more by speaking aloud. This is a really handy feature if you need to adjust your smart oven's settings while you're halfway through prepping ingredients.

Monitor your cooking while you're out

It's a terrible idea to leave a normal oven on when you leave the house, but with a smart oven it's no trouble at all. Open the smart oven's app on your phone and you can check in on your casserole or roast dinner absolutely anywhere.

Many smart ovens have a camera built into them that give you a close-up view of your meal as it cooks. See that it's ready? You can remotely turn the oven off, or dial down the temperature to keep it warm.

Is there anything to worry about?

Like with any home appliance, there are some potential drawbacks associated with buying a smart oven. The most obvious is their higher cost. All the futuristic technology makes a smart oven more expensive than a traditional oven - although they're well worth the extra money!

Another potential issue is safety. With remote and automatic settings, isn't there a risk of a fire? No more so than with an ordinary oven, thanks to the safety systems manufacturers provide. For example, although you can start a pre-set cooking program or turn your oven off from your phone, the oven itself can only be turned on by hand. So you don't need to worry about it suddenly starting up for no reason. Some features, like pyrolytic self-cleaning programs, can only be activated manually for the same reason.

It's clear then, that despite being more expensive than ordinary electric ovens, smart ovens are definitely worth considering, since they allow you to use so many amazing features. Many leading brands make their own smart ovens, including Samsung, Bosch, Belling and more. For more help on buying ovens in general, read our buyer's guide.

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