(Dreamy Disney) Full Drill 5D Diamond Painting Embroidery Picture Art Cross Stitch DIY Kit

Pattern: Dreamy Disney

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In stock

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Description & Details

(Dreamy Disney) Full Drill 5D Diamond Painting Embroidery Picture Art Cross Stitch DIY Kit Description

Brand new and high quality.
Natural ecologic canvas, good quality of diamond painting.
Colorful and beautiful pattern, 5D visual perception.
The canvas are soft, bright color, no fading, not easy to become fuzzing or broken.
Unique beauty and fashion design
Perfect to decorate your living room or bedroom to match different decoration style
Renderings for reference only, The size to prevail in kind
We sold the diamond paintings are semi-finished product does NOT include frame!
This is DIY diamond painting,not finished picture,need you finish it by yourself.
Material: Cotton
Color: As shown as the pictures
Type: 5D Diamond Painting Full Drill
The Size for Canvas: length 30cm X width 40cm  (11.81" X 15.74")
The Size for Canvas: length 30cm X width 30cm  (11.81" X 11.81")
Unicorn Horse: 40*30CM ( Full Drill )
Giraffe: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Moon Angel: 35*30CM ( Full Drill )
Tiger: 35*25CM Full Drill )
Rose: 30*30CM Full Drill )
Rainbow Cat: 30*30CM Full Drill )
Peacock: 45*32CM Full Drill )
Elephant: 40*30CM Full Drill )
The Fairy Queen: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Cartoon Bear : 30*30CM Full Drill )
Angels Unicorn: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Pony Unicorn: 30*30CM Full Drill )
Moonlight Wolf :40*30CM Full Drill )
Flamingo: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Colourful Lion: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Colourful Tiger: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Red Rose: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Harry Potter: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Butterfly Girl : 40*30CM Full Drill )
Dragon Ball: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Wolves: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Hogwarts: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Magic Book: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Jack & Sally Skull: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Love you Moon & Back: 30*30CM Full Drill )
Elephants : 40*30CM Full Drill )
Titanic: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Christmas Train: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Snow Man: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Snow Man & Bird : 40*30CM Full Drill )
Sakura Tree: 40*30CMFull Drill )
Magic Owl: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Mickey & Minnie: 30*30CM Full Drill )
Two Dragons: 40*30CM Full Drill )
The Avengers: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Landscape : 40*30CM Full Drill )
Dreamy Disney : 40*30CM Full Drill )
Colorful Girl : 40*30CM Full Drill )
Magic Disney : 40*30CM Full Drill )
Super Heroes: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Beauty & Skull : 40*30CM Full Drill )
Disney Ballroom : 40*30CM Full Drill )
Six Color Beaut : 40*30CM Full Drill )
Elvis Presley : 40*30CM Full Drill )
Old Man & Women : 40*30CM Full Drill )
Princess Castle : 40*30CM Full Drill )
Color Girl: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Disney Castle : 40*30CM Full Drill )
Cat & Tiger : 30*30CM Full Drill )
Sunset Beach : 40*30CM Full Drill )
Lake Night : 30*30CM Full Drill )
Stitch & Angel Love : 40*30CM Full Drill )
The Bear Family: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Country Train: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Love Mickey & Minnie: 30*30CM Full Drill )
Blue Dragon: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Hero Spiderman: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Love Sunrise: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Minnie Kiss Mickey: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Love Words: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Skull Motor: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Mickey & Donald Duck: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Picnic Moon: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Skull Love: 30*30CM Full Drill )
Ring Flower: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Wooden Welcome: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Beautiful Village: 30*30CM Full Drill )
Butterfly Flowers: 30*40CM Full Drill )
The Avengers Hero: 30*30CM Full Drill )
Groot Infinity Gauntleters: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Groot Biking: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Lady Tramp: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Toy Story: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Toy Story Friends: 30*30CM Full Drill )
Big Eyes: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Beauty Fairy: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Castle River: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Garden: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Sea Tree: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Cute Pikachu: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Little Groot: 30*40 Full Drill )
I am Groot: 30*40CM Full Drill )
The Lion King: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Witches: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Cute Stitch Srcump: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Elvis Presley Playing: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Dolphins Love: 30*30CM Full Drill )
Unicorn Girl : 30*40CM Full Drill )
Pink Flowers: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Bear: 30*30CM Full Drill )
Sweet Mickey & Minnie : 30*30CM Full Drill )
Dandelion Hedgehog : 30*30CM Full Drill )
Family Love: 30*30CM Full Drill )
Grey Tiger: 30*30CM Full Drill )
Forest Tiger: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Disney Family: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Frozen Family: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Lion King Born: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Happy Bear with Friends: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Mickey Boat Dating: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Mermaid: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Mickey Star: 30*30CM Full Drill )
Mickey Moon Dating: 30*40cm Full Drill )
Frozen Elsa: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Lion King Simba: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Wolf: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Mickey Starry sky: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Forest Wolves: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Betty: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Bottles Flowers: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Dandelions: 30*30CM Full Drill )
I Love You to The Moon and Back: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Rainbow Coconut Tree: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Boat Blue Lake: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Color Balloons: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Snow Man: 30*40CMFull Drill )
Snow Man & Bird: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Sweet Heart: 30*40CMFull Drill )
Heros: 30*40CMFull Drill )
Flying Balloons House: 30*40CMFull Drill )
Cute Lions: 40*30CMFull Drill )
Grinning Cat: 30*30CMFull Drill )
Forest Elephants: 40*30CMFull Drill )
Color Hogwarts: 30*40CMFull Drill )
Fantasy Family: 30*30CMFull Drill )
Bee Licking On Honey: 30*30CMFull Drill )
Beach Sunrise: 30*40CMFull Drill )
Fireworks Castle: 30*40CMFull Drill ) 
Kneeling Tiger: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Dancing Anna: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Frozen Elsa Anna: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Hunter and Yoda: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Hunter: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Little Stitch and Butterfly: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Cute Stitch with the Doll: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Crazy Stitch: 25*35CM Full Drill )
Donkey: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Happy Pikachu: 25*35CM Full Drill )
Frozen Princesses: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Magic Music: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Unicorn in The Galaxy: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Elsa and Anna Heart Together: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Rapunzel Princess: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Frozen: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Moonlight Lantern: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Ocean Turtle: 30*30CM Full Drill )
Forest Elk: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Farmhouse Red Pickup Truck: 30*30CM Full Drill )
Colorful Owl: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Beach: 40*30CM Full Drill )
Butterfly Flower Skull: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Deer and Bear: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Lighthouse: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Baby Yoda: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Colored Tree: 30*30CM Full Drill )
Flower Skull: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Butterfly Skull: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Witches and Pumpkins: 30*30CM Full Drill )
Butterfly Moon: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Mermaid in The Sea: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Wolf Moon: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Motorcycle Beauty and Skull: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Loves Puppy: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Sponge Cooking Hamburger: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Crystal Eye: 30*30CM Full Drill )
Baby Yoda Mandalorian: 30*40CM Full Drill )
African Elephant: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Halloween Horror Clowns: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Flower Unicorn: 30*40CM Full Drill )
Waterfall and Chalet: 30*40CM ( Full Drill )
YD-A 30*40CM ( Full Drill ) 
YD-B 30*40CM ( Full Drill ) 
YD-C 30*40CM ( Full Drill ) 
YD-D 30*40CM ( Full Drill ) 
YD-E 30*40CM ( Full Drill ) 
Elephant Blowing Bubbles 30*40CM ( Full Drill ) 
Stitch Moon 30*40CM ( Full Drill ) 
Garland Giraffe 30*40CM ( Full Drill ) 
Stitch Balloon 30*40CM ( Full Drill ) 
Let it Be 30*40CM ( Full Drill ) 
DIY Diamond painting production steps
1. Open the packet and check the diamond draw special tools.
2. View the resin diamond color,arranged in order of coding.
3. Uncover tape drawing above, you will see a lot of corresponding to the color coding.
4. According to the corresponding color coded clamp the corresponding the resin inlaid diamonds.
5. Suggested that one type of the resin diamond one set completed faster.
6. In order to create a perfect diamond painting,drawings put together in one place every row do not have to stay stuck diamonds.
7. To cut a good figure on the drawings hold sorted array mounted to the plane of the material above.
8. Splices need flat against the neat, do not have cracks.
9. After a good fight, the rest of the at the glue corresponding of diamonds.
10. To complete a good diamond drawing,put it in your selection of a suitable framework (This product does NOT include a frame).
Package include
1 x Dotting drill pen
1 x Tray
1 x Clay (Can use it to stick resin diamond)
1 x Canvas
1 Set of Multi-color Resin Diamond
(Without the picture frame)


Codes 0901871125116 (EAN)
901871125116 (UPC)
Rank #32 Cross Stitch Kits
#68 Embroidery & Cross Stitch
#628 Needlecraft Supplies

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