Panasonic DVD / Blu-ray player multi-region hack remote


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Description & Details

Panasonic DVD / Blu-ray player multi-region hack remote Description

Enable DVD Multi Region playback ( Watch DVDs from the USA and other regions ) on your Panasonic DVD / Blu-ray player simply by aiming the remote at the player and pressing the button. 

  • Unlimited Use Remote - upgrade as many Panasonic DVD / Blu-ray players as you like.
  • The upgrade is permanent, you only need to do it once.
  • Compatible with all the Panasonic DVD / Blu-Ray Players listed below.
  • *** Only for DVD Playback - Blu-ray regions will still be locked to your region ***
  • *** Only for units purchased in UK, Europe or Australia ***
  • *** Do not use on Panasonic DMR-HS2 or DMR-E30 units ***
User Instructions
1. Have the unit switched on with no disc inside ( DVD units with VCR or HDD should be in DVD mode)
2. Insert batteries, aim the upgrade remote at the unit and press and release the button (The LED will flash 12 times very quickly before going out)
3. Wait at least 10 seconds before switching the unit off and disconnecting it from the power.
4. Wait at least 5 seconds before reconnecting the power and testing playback of a DVD from another region.

Compatible Blu-ray players listed in Numeric (number) order.

Ignore any letters after the model number - for example DMP-BD10EB is listed as DMP-BD10


DMP-BBT01, DMR-UBT1, DMP-BD10, DMP-B15, DMP-BD30, DMP-BD35, DMP-BD45, DMP-BD50, DMP-BD55, DMP-BD60, DMP-BD65, DMR-UBC70, SA-BTX70, SC-BTX70, DMR-BCT73, DMP-BD75, SA-BTX75, SC-BTX75, DMP-BD77, SA-BTX77, SC-BTX77, DMP-BD79, DMP-BD80, DMP-BD81, DMR-BCT83, DMP-BD83, DMP-BD84, DMP-BD85, DMR-UBC86, DMP-BD91, DMP-B100, DMP-BDT100, SA-BT100, SC-BT100, SA-BTT100, SC-BTT100, SA-BTT105, SC-BTT105, DMP-BDT110, DMP-BDT111, DMP-BDT120, DMP-BDT130, DMP-BDT131, DP-UB150, DP-UB154, DP-UB159, DMP-BDT160, DMP-BDT161, DMP-BDT165, DMP-BDT166, DMP-BDT167, DMP-BDT168, DMP-BDT170, DMP-BDT171, DMP-BDT174, DMP-BDT175, DMP-BDT180, DMP-BDT181, SA-BTT182, SC-BTT182, DMP-BDT184, DMP-BDT185, SA-BTT190, SC-BTT190, SA-BT200, SC-BT200, SA-BTT200, SC-BTT200, SA-BT205, SC-BT205, DMP-BDT210, DMP-BDT220, DMP-BDT221, SA-BT222, SC-BT222, DMP-BDT230, SA-BT230, SC-BT230, SA-BTT230, SC-BTT230, DMP-BDT233, DMP-BDT234, DMP-BDT235, DMP-BDT260, SA-BTT262, SC-BTT262, DMP-BDT270, SA-BTT270, SC-BTT270, DMP-BDT271, DMP-BDT280, SA-BTT282, SC-BTT282, SA-BTT290, SC-BTT290, DMP-BDT300, DMP-UB300, SA-BTT300, SC-BTT300, DMP-BDT310, DMP-UB314, DMP-BDT320, DP-UB320, DMP-BDT321, DMP-BDT330, SA-BT330, SC-BT330, DMP-BDT335, SA-BTT350, SC-BTT350, DMP-BDT360, DMP-BDT361, SA-BTT362, SC-BTT362, DMP-BDT363, DMP-BDT364, DMP-BDT365, DMP-BDT370, SA-BTT370, SC-BTT370, DMP-BDT371, DMP-BDT373, DMP-BDT374, DMP-BDT375, DMP-BDT380, DMP-BDT381, DMP-BDT384, DMP-BDT385, DMP-UB390, DMP-UB391, DP-UB391, DMP-UB400, SA-BTT400, SC-BTT400, DMP-UB404, SA-BTT405, SC-BTT405, DMR-PWT420, DP-UB420, DP-UB424, DMR-BWT450, DP-UB450, DMP-BDT460, DMR-BWT460, SA-BTT460, SC-BTT460, DMP-BDT465, SA-BTT465, SC-BTT465, SA-BTT480, SC-BTT480, SA-BTT490, SC-BTT490, DMP-B500, DMP-BDT500, DMR-PWT500, SA-BTT500, SC-BTT500, SA-BTT505, SC-BTT505, DMR-PWT520, DMR-PWT530, DMR-PWT535, DMR-PWT540, DMR-PWT550, DMR-PWT560, SA-BTT560, SC-BTT560, DMP-BDT570, SA-BTT590, SC-BTT590, DMR-PWT635, DMR-BWT640, DMR-PWT655, DMP-BDT700, DMR-BST700, DMR-BWT700, DMP-UB700, DP-UB700, DMR-BST701, DMP-UB704, DMR-BCT720, DMR-BST720, DMR-BWT720, DMR-PWT720, DMR-BCT721, DMR-BST721, DMR-BCT730, DMR-BST730, DMR-BWT730, DMR-BCT735, DMR-BST735, DMR-BWT735, SA-BT735, SC-BT735, SA-BT737, SC-BT737, DMR-BST740, DMR-BWT740, DMR-BWT745, DMR-BCT750, DMR-BST750, DMR-BS750, DMR-BWT750, DMR-BST755, SA-BTT755, SC-BTT755, DMR-BCT760, DMR-BWT760, DMR-BST765, SA-BTT770, SC-BTT770, SA-BTT775, SC-BTT775, DMR-BS780, DMR-BW780, DMR-BS785, SA-BTT790, SC-BTT790, DMR-BST800, DMR-BWT800, SA-BFT800, SC-BFT800, DMP-BD813, DMR-BCT820, DMR-BST820, DMR-BWT820, DMP-UB820, DP-UB820, DP-UB824, DMR-BCT835, DMR-BST835, DMR-BWT835, DMR-BWT840, DMR-BS850, DMR-BST850, DMR-BW850, DMR-BWT850, DMR-BST855,  DMR-BS880, DMR-BW880, SA-BTT880, SC-BTT880, DMR-BS885, SA-BTT885, SC-BTT885, DMP-UB900, DP-UB900, DMR-BCT940, DMR-BWT945, DMR-BCT950, DMR-BST950, DMR-BWT955, DP-UB9000, DP-UB9004.


Compatible DVD players listed in Numeric (number) order
Ignore any letters after the model number - for example DVD-S1EB is listed as DVD-S1

DVD-S1, NV-VHD1, SC-DP1 / SA-DP1, SC-ST1 / SA-ST1, SC-MT1 / SA-MT1, DVD-LS5, SC-PTX5 / SA-PTX5, SC-NC6 / SA-NC6, SC-PTX7 / SA-PTX7, DVD-LX8, DVD-LX9, SC-NC9 / SA-NC9, DMR-ES10, DVD-XV10, DMR-ES15, SC-HT15 / SA-HT15, SC-HT17 / SA-HT17, DMR-ES20, NV-VP21, NV-VP23, DVD-S24, DMR-EZ25, DVD-S25, NV-VP26, DMR-EZ27, DVD-S27, DMR-EZ28, NV-VP28, DVD-S29, DMR-ES30, NV-VP30, SC-RT30 / SA-RT30, DVD-S31, NV-VP31, DVD-RV32, DVD-S32, NV-VP32, DVD-S33, NV-VP33, DMR-ES35, DVD-S35, DVD-S37, SC-PM39 / SA-PM39, DVD-S42, DMR-EZ45, DMR-EZ47, DVD-S47, DMR-EZ48, DMR-EH49, DMR-EZ49, DVD-S49, DMR-E50, DMR-EH50, DVD-LS50, DVD-LV50, SC-PTX50 / SA-PTX50, DVD-CV52, DMR-EH52, DVD-S52, DMR-E53, DMR-EH53, DVD-S53, DMR-EH54, DVD-S54, DMR-E55, DMR-EH55, DVD-LS55, DMR-EH56, DMR-EH57, DMR-EH58, DMR-EH59, DMR-E60, DMR-EH60, SC-PTX60 / SA-PTx60, DVD-RV62, DMR-EH63, DMR-E65, DMR-EH65, DVD-F65, DVD-LV65, DMR-EH67, DMR-EH68, DMR-EH69, DVD-LS70, SC-PT70 / SA-PT70, SC-RT70 / SA-RT70, DMR-EX71, DMR-EX72, DMR-E75, DMR-EX75, DVD-S75, DMR-EX77, DVD-S77, DMR-EX78 , DMR-EX79, DMR-EH80, DMR-EX80, DVD-LS80, DMR-EX81, DVD-LS82, DVD-RA82, DMR-EX83, DVD-LS83, DVD-LS84, DMR-E85, DMR-EX85, DVD-LS85, DMR-EX86, DVD-LS86, SC-PM86 / SA-PM86, DMR-EX87, DVD-LS87, DMR-EX88, DMR-EX89, DVD-LS90, SC-PT90 / SA-PT90, DVD-LS91, SC-PM91 / SA-PM91, DVD-LS92, DMR-EX93, DMR-E95, DMR-EH95, DMR-EX95, DVD-LX95, DMR-EX96, DVD-LX97, DVD-S97, DMR-EX97, DMR-EX98, DMR-EX99, DVD-S99, DVD-S100, DMR-E100, SC-DT110 / SA-DT110, DVD-LX110, SC-PT150 / SA-PT150, SC-PT160 / SA-PT160, SC-PT170 / SA-PT170, SC-PT175 / SA-PT175, SC-PT250 / SA-PT250, DVD-S295, DMR-XW300, SC-DT310 / SA-DT310, DVD-S325, SC-HT330 / SA-HT330", SC-HT335 / SA-HT335, SC-HT340 / SA-HT340, DMR-XS350, DMR-XW350, SC-PT350 / SA-PT350, DMR-XS380, DMR-XW380, DMR-XW385, DMR-XW390, DMR-XW450, SC-PT450 / SA-PT450, SC-PT460 / SA-PT460, SC-PT467 / SA-PT467, SC-PT470 / SA-PT470, SC-PT480 / SA-PT480, DMR-EH495, DMR-E500, SC-HT500 / SA-HT500, DVD-S511, SC-HT520 / SA-HT520, SC-HT530 / SA-HT530, DMR-EH535 , SC-HT535 / SA-HT535, SC-HT540 / SA-HT540, DMR-EH545, SC-HT545 / SA-HT545, SC-PT550 / SA-PT550, SC-PT560 / SA-PT560, SC-PT570 / SA-PT570, DMR-EH575, SC-PT580 / SA-PT580, DMR-EH585, DMR-EH595, DMR-EH635, SC-PT650 / SA-PT650, DMR-EH675, DMR-EH685, SC-HT720 / SA-HT720, SC-PT750 / SA-PT750, DMR-EX768, DMR-EX769, DMR-EH770, DMR-EX773, DMR-EH775, SC-HT840 / SA-HT840, SC-HT845 / SA-HT845, SC-HT850 / SA-HT850, SC-PT850 / SA-PT850, SC-HT855 / SA-HT855, SC-PT860 / SA-PT860, SC-PT865 / SA-PT865, SC-HT870 / SA-HT870, SC-PT870 / SA-PT870, SC-PT875 / SA-PT875, SC-HT880 / SA-HT880, SC-HT885 / SA-HT885, SC-HT900 / SA-HT900, DVD-LS912, SC-HT920 / SA-HT920, SC-PT950 / SA-PT950, SC-HT990 / SA-HT990, SC-HT1000 / SA-HT1000, SC-HT1500 / SA-HT1500


Codes 0641094609962 (EAN)
Rank #10 Blu-Ray & DVD Players
#43 TV & Home Cinema

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Gadget users can check out this piece of technology with a popularity rank of 10 within the Blu-Ray & DVD Players selection. It seems that this electronic product is unbranded, but we have touched base with dvdchips for additional clarification. If you are partial towards branded products, other beloved labels within this department are Samsung and Sony. This product places top 10 out of the top-performing items in the Blu-Ray & DVD Players subsection. It has also secured a top 50 place in the TV & Home Cinema department.

Here at OnBuy, you can score this wonderful piece of kit available from 1 electronics specialist. To be exact, this electronics specialist is listing 4 different gadgets sorted under the Blu-Ray & DVD Players category. You may trust our primary online seller. They've put up 4 products in all, and have reached a constant seller feedback score of 5.0 stars. In our Blu-Ray & DVD Players range, Panasonic dvd bluray player multiregion hack remote is stocked.

Our selection of online tech shops first offered this high-tech item on this marketplace on 14 October 2021. Since then its price has changed 28 times. See the price chart for further information. If you desire to bag this technological item, it will cost £8.49. Various listings in the Blu-Ray & DVD Players department tend to be listed for between £3.95 and £1,423.98, so our price is appropriate. As we feature 234 different listings, with the highest reviewed being LG DP542H Multi Region DVD player and LG DP132 Multi-Region DVD Player, we have done all the work for you in showing you the top tech products.

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Product price history A line chart showing the price history for Panasonic DVD / Blu-ray player multi-region hack remote. £8.49 - 09/05/2022 £8.49 - 13/05/2022 09/05/2022 10/05/2022 11/05/2022 12/05/2022 £16.02 £15.27 £14.52 £13.77 £13.02 £12.27 £11.52 £10.77 £10.02 £9.27 £8.52 £7.77
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Highest Rated Review
J. Wroot
Posted 22/01/2022
Sold By: dvdchips
Panasonic Blu-ray player DVD multi-region hack remote
Well worth the price & saved money by not having to pay full price for 4K that is already hacked, speedy delivery with great service.
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J. Wroot
Posted 22/01/2022
Sold By dvdchips

Panasonic Blu-ray player DVD multi-region hack remote

Well worth the price & saved money by not having to pay full price for 4K that is already hacked, speedy delivery with great service.
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