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There's over 25 years of history behind Sony PlayStation games consoles, and OnBuy's in love with every machine - as well as those powerful PlayStation handhelds! From the redefining tech of the PlayStation 5 to the huge library of exclusives on the PlayStation 4; from the immersion of PSVR to the hidden gems on the PlayStation Vita; there's so much to enjoy. Fall in love with your new dream machine here to get stuck into the world's best PlayStation games.

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About PlayStation Games Consoles

It's safe to say that PlayStation has come a long way since it first rocked up as a challenger console in the mid-1990s. Defining itself as the cooler console on the block, the Sony PlayStation inspired gamers to enjoy new titles that reinvented plenty of rules – and enticed plenty of players who'd dismissed gaming as a kids' pastime to pick up a pad and get stuck in again, too.

Now five generations in and counting – and that's besides Sony's forays into handheld gaming – the Sony PlayStation name has become entwined with deep, rich games that reward exploration, tight reflexes and industry-defining graphics.

Experiments in motion controls and virtual reality have likewise shown the more creative side of PlayStation – yet whether you've stuck with Sony since the PS1, are eager to get your hands on the Sony PlayStation 5, or just refuse to let the PlayStation Vita get relegated to history, the strength of OnBuy's community will put the power of play in your hands!

What's the most recent PlayStation?

At the end of 2020, Sony's PlayStation 5 hits the market – replacing the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro as the most current Sony videogame console. Boasting a solid-state hard drive and ray-tracing capability built into its hardware, the PS5 is promising to revolutionise how fast and fluid games can be played.

However, the most recent version of the Sony PlayStation 4 is the PlayStation 4 Pro. This was released to bump up the existing machine's graphical capabilities and compatibility with new TVs with High Dynamic Range (HDR).

Certain games for the PS4 are enhanced to look better on the PS4 Pro – however, they'll work with any PS4 console, so there's no fear of incompatibility, whatever PS4 games you buy.

Do PS3 games work on PS4?

The Sony PlayStation 4 is an entirely different machine to the PS3, right down to its system firmware and overall computer architecture. Sadly, that means PS3 discs won't work on a PS4, and likewise digital PS3 games you may have bought can't be downloaded onto a PS4 console.

Sony PlayStation consoles are very distinctive jumps from one numbered version to the next, and Sony themselves have said that they enjoy making the next upgrade an event in and of itself. However, the company hasn't forgotten the earlier hits that helped make PlayStation famous, which is why services like PS Now let you stream PS3 games on PS4 consoles.

Do PS4 games work on PS5?

The Sony PlayStation 5 is anticipated to be compatible with a large number of PlayStation 4 games, although Sony is being famously secretive during the development of their newest videogame console.

Because Sony likes to consider each console generation the next leap, they've been especially keen on promoting the new best PlayStation 5 games, and less vocal on supporting older PS4 games.

Yet because so many great games on PS4 are still so beloved - or waiting in people's backlogs, we're not judging - players are relieved to know that leading PS4 titles work on the Sony PlayStation 5.

What's the best retro PlayStation console?

If you want to play retro games or older titles, the Sony PlayStation 2 is your best bet. Already packed to the rafters with plenty of amazing titles, the PS2 also plays almost all PS1 games - meaning you can play thousands of retro games.

Jak and Daxter, Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy VII, Ape Escape, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon... the list of classics calling both PS1 and PS2 home seems almost endless! With a PS2, you can tackle them all.

Do they still make the PlayStation Vita?

Handheld Sony PlayStation consoles have come and gone over the years, but sadly Sony stopped producing the PlayStation Vita handheld console in 2019.

However, as a powerful handheld console that boasts connectivity to both PS3 and PS4, together with amazing titles like Persona 4 Golden and plenty of JRPGs, the Sony PlayStation Vita is still beloved even today.

It's a real indie powerhouse too, with new indie games launching on the Vita digital store that are keeping the spirit and legacy of the Vita alive long after Sony has moved on to other projects - like the Sony PlayStation 5.

That makes now a great time to jump in as the Vita becomes more and more collectible - plus it can play a choice selection of the best digital Sony PSP games too.

Yet whichever Sony PlayStation console you choose, from the latest and greatest to the collectible classics, OnBuy's seller community understands your passion for play. Take a deep dive into our deals to get gaming on your terms - there's enough fun here to make even Sackboy blush!

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