Politics: the Basics

Politics: the Basics
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Now in its fifth edition, Politics: The Basics explores the systems, movements and issues at the cutting edge of modern politics. A highly successful introduction to the world of politics, it offers clear and concise coverage of a range of issues and addresses fundamental questions such as: * Why does politics matter? * Why obey the state? * What are the key approaches to power? * How are political decisions made? * What are the current issues affecting governments worldwide? Accessible in style and topical in content, the fifth edition has been fully restructured to reflect core issues, systems and movements that are at the centre of modern politics and international relations. Assuming no prior knowledge in politics, it is ideal reading for anyone approaching the study of politics for the first time.
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  • 9780415841429 (EAN)
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AuthorNigel Jackson
PublisherTaylor & Francis Ltd
Book TypePaperback
Release Date22/09/2014

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