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Pond Fish Food

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Calling all pond keepers! Help your underwater friends thrive by feeding them foods that are specially formulated for pond-dwelling fish, courtesy of OnBuy’s collection. Find pond fish food in a variety of forms from a range of bestselling brands. Read More >
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About Pond Fish Food

OnBuy offers a selection of pond flake food, designed to float on the surface of the pond to begin with, and sink gradually over time - making it the perfect fish food for top and middle dwelling pond fish. Pond flake fish food is easily broken down so can be fed to all sizes and type of pond fish.

Pond fish food sticks are also a good general fish food, primarily aimed at goldfish and river fish. Pond sticks will float on the surface of your pond and soften as they absorb water. If you have smaller fish, you can always break the sticks up in your hand accordingly. 

Ideal for medium to large fish, pond pellet fish food is available in many varieties. Firstly, you’ll need to choose between floating pond pellets and sinking pond pellets, depending on the type of fish you own.

Pellets also come in varieties to suit dietary needs for different times of year - for example, in the spring and autumn, many pond keepers will choose to feed their fish foods containing wheatgerm.

Alternatively, we offer a range of mixed pond fish food - this is ideal as a catch-all method to feeding all the fish in your pond, including koi carp, goldfish, minnow and more. Featuring a brilliant assortment of all their favourite foods, pond fish food mix often contains a combination of flakes, pellets and sticks that’ll help your friends grow and thrive.