Swimming Pool Nets & Skimmers

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Keep your paradise clean and clear with our great selection of swimming pool and hot tub nets designed to help you remove leaves, dirt, and debris. Have your pool prepped and ready for a dip by exploring our wide variety of skimmers and nets. Read More >
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About Swimming Pool Nets & Skimmers

What could be more disappointing than settling in for a soak in your hot tub only to be surprised by insects floating around in it? Probably not a lot! Having a pool net for your aquatic haven is an essential part of the maintenance required to keep your water clean and safe for swimming - they make it much easier to remove unsanitary leaves and insects from your water. We have a wide range of pool and hot tub nets that guarantees you'll find the perfect net for your set-up, from smaller handheld nets that are perfect for hot tubs or spas, or skimmers that you can pop on a telescopic pole to reach your whole pool - we have you covered.

If leaves and debris aren't removed in time, they tend to sink to the bottom of the pool and stick there, making them even more difficult to clean up - and debris can also clog your pool filter, which is a costly fix that you'll want to avoid! Check out our selection of deeper leaf nets designed to reach the leaves at the bottom of your pool - why not try the Certikin Deep Swimming Pool Net? The front of the net creates a wave that encourages leaves and debris into the net, and it has a universal fitting for a telescopic pole, so no matter the size or depth of your pool it will be so clear you'll be unable to leaf it alone!