Swimming Pool Cleaners & Automatic Pool Cleaners

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It’s difficult to relax in a swimming pool full of debris or dirt, making a reliable pool cleaner a must-have. OnBuy offers a range of swimming pool cleaners that’ll make the (sometimes strenuous!) task of maintaining your pool much easier, and ultimately saving you valuable time and money. Read More >

About Swimming Pool Cleaners & Automatic Pool Cleaners

An absolute essential for efficiently removing unsightly debris that has sunk to the bottom of your pool! Vacuuming your swimming pool may sound strange, but it's a sure-fire way to keep your pool water clear and help reduce the number of chemicals you need to put in. 

Whether yours is an in ground or above ground swimming pool, OnBuy has a great range of swimming pool vacuums and cleaners for you to choose from. To make things even easier, we’ve rounded up a guide of the different options available, from manual to robotic:  

Manual pool cleaners (or handheld pool cleaners) are powered by your pool pump or pressurized water from a hose. Easy to manoeuvre along the pool floor and walls, a manual pool cleaner collects dirt and debris in a filter bag. They are a convenient choice for small or medium-sized jobs, and tend to waste less energy than automatic cleaners.

Much like manual pool cleaners, electric pool cleaners collect dirt and debris in a filter bag, however they are battery powered for a slightly higher intensity clean. Usually powered by rechargeable batteries with a life of up to 8-10 hours of cleaning, electric pool cleaners can be used on small, medium or large areas. 

Robotic pool cleaners (or automatic pool cleaners) are the ultimate way to simplify the process of cleaning your swimming pool. Ideal for cleaning all types of pools efficiently and thoroughly, a robotic pool cleaner will clean the floor, walls and waterline of your pool with a quick set-up - making it the perfect option for pool owners who want a completely hygienic pool with the least amount of effort.