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Swimming Pool Fittings

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Whether you're plumbing your pool for the first time or replacing a part, help the job go swimmingly and find everything you need in one place with our selection of swimming pool fittings here at OnBuy. Read More >
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About Swimming Pool Fittings

Thinking about the plumbing in your pool isn't the most exciting part of owning a pool, but it's one of the most important aspects of keeping it running smoothly. If you're building your own pool, or simply replacing a part of the existing plumbing - check out our great selection of essential swimming pool fittings to ensure your pipes work as they should. Spanning easy-fit ball valves all the way to various sizes of sockets and elbows, we've got a fitting for your pool's plumbing no matter what size or shape it is. 

Once the pipes are sorted and water is flowing properly, we've got a great selection of fittings to keep it that way - from drains and inlets to skimmers and vacuum points. Check out our range of skimmers to help filter the water in your pool - the Certikin HD105 Skimmer Basket is one to look out for as it'll trap any leaves or debris that fall in your pool and stop them from clogging up your pipes.