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Swimming Pool Pump & Filter Combos

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Looking for an easy way to ensure your swimming pool water stays clean? Browse our selection of swimming pool filter and pump combinations for a one stop shop to keeping your pool water safe for swimming, and ready to dive into at any time. Read More >
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About Swimming Pool Pump & Filter Combos

If your list of essential pool equipment seems to have no end in sight - let us help. We've put together a selection of swimming pool pump and filter combinations that'll tick two things off your list at once! 

A filter is a must-have for keeping your pool water clean; it filters out all the dirt and debris that enters your pool, leaving you with fresh, safe water that'll look amazing. To do that, the filter needs a little help, and that's where swimming pool pumps come in - they pull the water from your pool through the filtration system and pushes it back out again. 

A combination pool pump and filter work together for an efficient way to keep your water in tip-top condition, and they often come as one unit - perfect for reducing the amount of installation needed to get your pool running. 

The only thing left to decide is which one to go for - we've got a range suitable for all sizes of pool, ranging from combinations of above ground pool pumps and filters to combinations tailor-made for your inground pool, so you're guaranteed to find a great system for your pool here.