Swimming Aids

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Available in all shapes and sizes, swimming aids are a great way to enhance confidence and coordination whilst in water. OnBuy has a huge selection of swimming aids for everyone from babies and toddlers to older children and adults. Let us guide you through! Read More >
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About Swimming Aids

Not sure where to start? Read our handy guide to help you decide which swimming aids are for you (or your little one!):

Swimming aids for toddlers

For most parents, having the kids in the pool for the first time is daunting, but learning to swim is one of the many joys of childhood. Make it more enjoyable for your child by giving them a simple swimming aid or two that’ll help them feel more comfortable in the water. 

Gaining confidence in the water is a key part of learning how to swim, so help your child along with OnBuy’s range of swimming floats and flotation aids. Whether your little one is new to swimming or simply lacks a bit of confidence, you’re sure to find the best swimming aids right here on OnBuy. 

For younger swimmers, we have a great range of swimming jackets and float suits - perfect for giving them confidence from the second they step foot into the water. Designed in an array of prints, colours and styles, they’ll love our selection. 

More experienced young swimmers can rely on the assistance of pool floats whilst they build their skills in the water. Our range of swim floats boasts everything from arm bands to noodle floats and rubber rings. Whichever you choose, these will provide endless hours of fun in the pool, whether in a class or whilst practicing on holiday.

Swimming aids for adults

Pool floats (or swimming kickboards) are a great way to practice your leg kick, holding the float out in front of you for balance. For your backstroke leg kick, lie on your back and hug the float to your chest and keep your body streamlined.

Pull buoys are figure-of-eight shaped floats which can be placed between the thighs or ankles to support to the body without using the legs. This leaves you free to focus on your arm strokes and helps to develop upper-body strength.

For beginners, fins are useful for developing the correct leg kick for front and back crawl. Fins can also help develop leg strength and core stability. 

Noodles can be used in a variety of ways, whether held out in front while practising leg kick, under the armpits as a support when swimming, between the legs or under the waist.