Swimming Pool Heat Exchangers

Often regarded as one of the most efficient methods to heat your pool water, a heat exchanger is easy to set-up and can last for a number of years, if maintained properly. OnBuy has a great range of heat exchangers for you to choose from - dive in and find a new way to heat your pool water. Read More >
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About Swimming Pool Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are an effective and economical method of heating the water in your swimming pool. They utilise your household heating system to transfer heat to your pool water when not required by the house - smart, right? 

A swimming pool heat exchanger is usually plumbed into both your domestic boiler and your pool pipework, allowing the 'spare' heat produced by your household system to gradually warm your swimming pool, at no extra cost to you.

OnBuy offers a range of high quality pool heat exchangers for sale, from the brands that do it best. Crafted in corrosion-resistant materials like titanium, nickel and stainless steel, there'll be a heat exchanger to suit all types of pool set-up. Browse our range today for a more efficient way to heat your pool water.