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PS4 Consoles & Bundles

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Discover the new essential addition to your home: the PlayStation 4. Find a great deal here at Onbuy on Sony's most social console yet, and find that it provides you with much more than just a way to play games. Read More >
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About PS4 Consoles & Bundles

The PlayStation 4 is not only designed beautifully, with an internal power supply meaning less clutter and a sleeker look to your gaming set up, it boasts an array of features sure to make it the only console you'll need for all aspects of entertainment in your home. 

Some of the impressive features that make the PlayStation 4 stand out from the crowd...

  • The DualShock 4 controller. This is the PS4's primary controller, and has been redesigned and updated since its predecessor, the DualShock 3. The buttons have been improved: an example is the merger of the Start/Select buttons into an Options button - making the controller look sleeker. The DualShock 4's new light bar allows for easy identification of players, it will warn you of critical things like depleting health in a game, and it interacts with the PlayStation Camera as a motion sensor. It also includes a new integrated touchpad, which has multiple uses but can be utilised in certain games to trigger different actions depending on where you press. 
  • You can use the PlayStation 4 with many devices that you might already own, including the PS Vita, smartphones or tablets, meaning you can get the most out of your devices. For Sony smartphone or tablets users, and owners of the PS Vita, you can stream gameplay from the console to your chosen device and this allows supported games to be played remotely whether in your home or out and about. This feature is brilliant - it lets you buy PS4 titles that will then remotely download, meaning your newest game discovery will be waiting for you when you get home! You can also watch live streams of other gamers: perfect if you're stuck on a level and want to see someone else try it to give you inspiration. iOs and Android users haven't been forgotten either; you can interact with your PlayStation 4 through the PlayStation app. 
  • The PlayStation 4 provides you with multiple options for entertainment aside from games; you can switch it up and play a Blu-Ray or DVD on it, connect other devices via Bluetooth, and it even supports WiFi access giving you the option of playing music through Spotify, or YouTube. The PlayStation 4 provides better graphics performance than ever before, ensuring whatever you choose to use it for you're getting the best visuals. 

The PlayStation 4 has many new and exciting ways to stay connected! Read on to find out why the PlayStation 4 keeps you more connected than ever...

  • Communities! You can now socialise without even having to leave the couch with PlayStation 4's communities. You can create your own group, or join an existing one, where you'll be able to have debates on dedicated discussion boards, catch up with real-life friends or online friends in the group chat, and play co-op games. Perfect for those who love gaming and want a place to discuss it, or you need more players for a big raid and none of your friends are online!  
  • Sharing your successes is easy. A new feature of the DualShock 4 is the "Share" button. This lets you go through the last hour of your gameplay and pick out a screenshot or video clip, upload it through your PS4 to other PlayStation users or upload it to various social media sites like YouTube or Facebook. Now you can showcase your accomplishments with ease - or laugh at your attempts! You can choose to do this live as well, either by inviting your friends to watch you play or broadcasting to sites like Twitch or DailyMotion. 
  • You can get even more involved with the Share Play feature! This allows you to invite your friends to join in your game via streaming, which works even if your friends don't own the game. You can choose to give control of the game to your friend entirely, or use this feature to play co-op games instantly without having to organise a gaming session. Perfect for socialising, and for helping your friends tackle the tricky bits of their game.