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Baby Sun Protection

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Whether you need something to protect your little one from glaring rays of sunshine, or help them through intensely hot days - we've got something here to keep them happy and comfortable. Explore OnBuy's range of baby sun protection to keep your tot safe from harm in warmer weather. Read More >
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About Baby Sun Protection

Protecting your tot from the sun is different than protecting yourself; babies have delicate skin that can burn much more easily, and they're not as good as regulating their body temperature as we are - so it's important to invest in the right protection to keep them safe and comfortable in warmer weather.

Something you may not consider is how much sunshine is hitting your baby when you're in the car - we relish the feeling of sun on our skin, but a baby's skin is delicate and requires protection to avoid burning. Browse our selection of great baby sunshades to keep your tot comfortable even on the sunniest days. For more enjoyable car journeys, check out our baby car sunshades - we've got a great range, including roller sunshades and adhesive sun film. If you're out with your tot in their stroller, you'll want to check out our selection of baby clip on sunshades - perfect for shading your little one while providing UV protection. 

High temperatures can be too much for little tots, so whether you're planning a sunny holiday or preparing for the heat to hit at home - your little one will love the instant relief of a cool breeze on a sweltering day, so be sure to explore our range of fans. We have a selection of baby clip on fans that can be attached to your tot's carrycot, pushchair, or even their playpen to give them a soothing waft of air. For the ultimate heat defeater, you'll want to browse our range of baby water spray fans - they lightly mist water in front of the fan for an extra-soothing option on the hottest of days.