Affordable Ways To Give Your Home A High-end Finish

Affordable Ways To Give Your Home A High-end Finish

Published 20th April 2021
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With the promise of longer days and warmer weather now conveniently on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about some little home improvements, and how subtle, sophisticated flourishes could enhance your space for the better. Move over yearly spring clean, exciting summer months are ahead of us. Yes, it’s time to dust off those mood boards and get creative with interior décor styles. 

With OnBuy’s fantastic selection of fabulous fittings, as well as a fresh lick of paint, a blank canvas has never seemed more appealing! We understand that upgrades can sometimes seem daunting, especially with the hefty associated charge, but they don’t have to be as costly as you think. 

If you’re looking to spruce up your space without consuming the cash, there are a number of inexpensive solutions that are sure to add a splash of luxury to every corner of your home. In this blog, we’ll offer loads of handy tips, tricks, and advice on how to give visitors the illusion of lavishness and opulence in your humble abode, minus the high-end price tag. With our support, innovative ideas, and endless list of products, you’ll have everything you need to complete your interior accessory arsenal. After all, who doesn’t love a renovation revolution?!

Here’s a bright idea…

fancy lighting

When it comes to updating your home, illuminations are the best place to start. Though it may seem obvious, indoor lighting and its luxurious, statement fixtures can really transform any room from drab to fab, and is always a worthy asset when it comes to dazzling décor. In fact, according to Rushda Hakim, senior designer at Interior Marketing Group, well-lit centrepieces create a focal point in any living or dining room, elevating the space to a glowing and radiant paradise. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

While lavish lampshades and extravagant embellishments may seem expensive, they certainly don’t have to be. Indeed, let’s start with the bulbs themselves. From cool white energy savers to fancy filament fittings (not to mention an entire range of string and strip alternatives), there are a plethora of affordable yet attractive examples within our online store. If modern, minimalist furnishings are your bag, why not invest in a classy and understated spiral light to add some brilliance to those dark and dowdy corners? Or, if industrial chic is your vibe, it might be worth thinking about some retro, rustic wall lights to fully complement your design scheme. 

Whatever your style and preference, there are literally thousands of options simply waiting to be enjoyed in the OnBuy collection. Without having to fork out a small fortune, your space could soon become the cosy haven dreams are simply made of! It’ll truly make all the difference.

Mirror, mirror on the wall


Need some guidance for darker or smaller rooms? Hanging multifunctional mirrors can be an incredibly easy and inexpensive way to instantly change the look of your home, reflecting light and increasing the visual square footage of your space. Though you may imagine this to mean ornamental or overstated models (golden arched glass, we’re looking at you… no pun intended!), sometimes the plainest and most minimal designs are the best at bouncing brightness. 

Take this reasonably-priced VidaXL Vanity classic as an example. Circular in shape, it’ll seamlessly blend with most interior styles and colour schemes throughout your humble abode. With a diameter of 60cm, it’s perfect for smaller rooms with limited wall capacity and would effortlessly fulfil a number of functions, from bathroom hair-checker to hallway makeup aid combined. Placing it near a window, to mirror the outside world, is an especially effective way to lessen an area’s gloomier feel, and enhance the overall aesthetic for the better.

Talking of walls, how about some decorative mouldings, too? These traditional coving solutions can be absolute life-savers when it comes to DIY enhancements and, at some of the lowest prices on our list of accessories, could transform your home beyond all recognition. Simply apply a thin bead of panel or construction adhesive to your chosen length of edging, then tack to the wall with a nail gun.

Can you feel the heat?

radiator cover

Radiators are hardly the most attractive features in your home (if they can indeed be called ‘features’), so what better way to upgrade them than with a chic and charming radiator cover? Maintaining that all-important warmth while simultaneously protecting little hands and paws from overheating or burns, they also provide any user with the added benefit of display space, when floor or wall dimensions may be slightly more limited. From muffling unpleasant noise to adding a touch of extravagance to any bathroom or boudoir, there’s truly no interior that wouldn’t benefit from one of these fun and fabulous fittings. 

If you’re in need of some advice on the best covers to complete your style, or simply require assistance when choosing the most appropriate model for your contemporary home, look no further than our instructive buyer’s guide resources. Crammed with handy suggestions, prompts, and information on how to properly fit and install your attachment, they’re the only manuals you’ll need.

Alfresco accessories

Alfresco accessories

Garden landscaping is a healthful, entertaining, and affordable activity that’ll make a huge difference to your outdoor space. Yes, forget seating, BBQs, and sheds (though these are important, too), and say hello to the real al fresco accessories that’ll enhance your home in the long run. As well as clothing and other green-fingered paraphernalia, hand tools like pruners and lawn edgers can help you to cultivate (see what we did there?) a brand-new beginning in your yard, giving a pristine lease of life to old and weakening flora. 

If your plot has become - for want of a better expression - thick and overrun in recent years, it’s time to invest in some convenient utilities. These don’t have to be costly, and certainly don’t have to warrant the title of ‘luxury’, but could help you to achieve a lavish and sumptuous feel without the heavier price tag. What’s more, horticulture can be a fabulous way to spend time with friends, family, and fauna in the comfort of your very own home, offering multiple benefits from wellbeing to relaxation. 

To begin the landscaping process, you must first assess your site, determining which aspects will be most important when it comes to revising and renovation. Next, clear the surrounding area… this means tidying any unpleasant weeds, overgrowth and garden waste (preferably with a rake, if your soil and vegetation allows). Once the ground has been levelled, it’s time to get creative. Whether you require terracing or decking to conceal a sloping edge, a bird bath or water feature to act as a statement centrepiece, or simply need some paving to offset the floral colours, OnBuy has you covered. Browse our extensive selection of garden and outdoor living products today!

Switch out your hardware


A simple yet efficient way to dramatically change the appearance of your furniture, in particular, is to update their knobs and grips. Cabinet handles are a great place to start with this modernisation, as they can often make rooms look warmer, cosier, and visually more appealing. As with many aspects of home décor and interior style, it’s often the little things that make the most difference.

If you’re going for a country farmhouse vibe, brushed brass or copper knobs can make a fantastic addition to your fittings, heightening the charming and comfortable look of a calm and cosy home. On the other hand, if contemporary minimalism is your bag, why not invest in a striking stainless steel bar handle? Not only discreet, these chrome-style fixtures are also incredibly chic and stylish – the perfect companion to clean and understated furniture.

Good news: exclusive doesn’t have to mean expensive!

perfect home

We hope you’ve enjoyed this foray into all things renovation-related. With our hand-picked products and list of inventive ideas, your dream interior design could be just around the corner! If you’re still stuck for inspiration though, or are in need of some more information on the most fabulous fittings OnBuy has to offer, why not check out our full selection of buyer’s guides? Packed full of examples on how to modernise your home on a budget, there has never been a better time to start the online search. Whether it’s advice on the best mirrored wardrobe for your boudoir, must-have garden chairs for a relaxing day in the sun, or wooden chests of drawers to suit every style, you’re sure to find everything you need within our remarkable reserves.

Alternatively, if it’s visualisation that you struggle with, be certain to browse through our selection of blogs. Always creative and chock-full of useful guidance on everything from decorating your dresser tops to health-giving houseplants, they’re the helpful handbooks you didn’t know you needed!

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