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How To Get The Insta Look In Your Home

Published 28th April 2021
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Are you tired of scrolling through your social media and seeing hundreds of perfectly manicured home interiors? Instead of getting envious, why not update your home décor by trying out some of our top tips and tricks to achieve the sought-after Insta look in your own abode? From introducing vibrant elements of nature into your home to livening up your walls with a selection of graphic prints, you’re just a few tweaks away from achieving the Instagram-worthy interior of your dreams.

Bring the outdoors, indoors!

home plants

An inescapable trend that’s appearing on every social media site, house plants are beginning to make their way from the garden into home interiors across the country. Made popular by Millennials and the Gen Z generation, this movement shows no signs of slowing down, so why not embrace it and bring a piece of the outdoors inside? Not only are house plants available in all kinds of sizes, species and colours, but they can also give homes without gardens a leafy space to relax and rejuvenate.

As a result, many homeowners place a selection of houseplants in bathrooms to achieve a spa-like feeling. Such environments can cater to a range of plants, as you can place them in darker, humid spots or on bright, sunny windowsills (depending on the requirements of your specific plant). Not only aesthetically pleasing, houseplants offer a variety of health benefits, too! From boosting our mood to helping us sleep better at night, they really do make worthwhile additions to our homes. Plus, of course, they help to create an Insta-worthy backdrop when golden hour hits!

If you like the look of house plants but you struggle to keep real house plants alive, artificial plants are a fantastic option. They can be snapped up in all kinds of colours and won’t wither if you forget to water them or leave them under the sun a touch too long. Those of you who enjoy spending hours scrolling through Instagram will have no doubt seen pampas grass crop up on your feed again and again in recent months. Typically paired with a nude vase, pampas grass can be used to create a cool-toned, contemporary aesthetic - without diminishing the natural beauty of a houseplant. For those of you who may be worried about shedding, pick up a synthetic version or douse your pampas grass in hairspray to lock the foliage in place. 

For the most attractive house plant collection, it’s worth opting for several different species to create variety and positioning them at different heights around the room. Need a hand keeping them alive? Take a look at the video below!

Make your décor pop with prints!


Another popular home décor trend that’s taking social media by storm is wall prints. Thanks to the incredible range of designs, finding the perfect print to suit your home is no hard task. You can explore everything from bright and colourful graphic prints to modern black and white images, and even prints featuring a word, quotes, or mottos to make your chosen room stand out. Best of all, they look fantastic in a range of rooms, including dining rooms, living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms - so you can release your inner interior designer all around your home. 

One of the most attractive features of introducing a selection of wall prints is that they can be as ultra-minimalistic or incredibly detailed as you like, giving you plenty of freedom to express yourself and your personality. For the best effect, we suggest framing your wall prints in a slim frame. Regardless of whether you opt for a rustic wooden frame, a sleek black one, or a contemporary grey alternative, the right frame can make your print or photograph pop. Chunky frames are less popular at the moment, so it’s worth bulk-buying a pack of slim frames if you really want to embrace this interior decorating tip. 

For an undeniably Instagrammable result, we recommend snapping up either three prints in a similar style and lining them up next to one another or letting your creative side run wild and creating a collage effect with as many prints as your wall can handle. To find out how to hang pictures and other pieces of prized artwork yourself just like a professional, get your toolbox at the ready and take a look at the tutorial below.

Hone your DIY skills

DIY skills

Shelving - a relatively simple addition to your home that can make a big style statement. From standalone ladder shelving to the sleek floating shelves, Instagram is overflowing with both aesthetically-pleasing formations of shelves and freestanding shelving units. Indeed, there’s a huge range of contemporary shelving solutions that can provide practical spaces for accommodating all your favourite books, ornaments and photographs.

Some of the most popular shelving units boast an industrial style using a combination of dark wood and metal to create a cool and contemporary storage/display area. These favoured items of essential furniture are just as desirable as shelving units with a modern geometric design, but both can be used to display your treasured possessions. To make the most of smaller spaces, try a corner shelving unit or floating shelves. Simply adorn with a few key items (like a houseplant, family photograph and a print) to show visitors a snapshot of your life.

If you’re not as handy as you’d like to be but you’re tempted to introduce some extra shelving into your home, then why not check out the helpful video tutorial below? An informative and useful step-by-step guide to installing a floating shelf onto a brick wall, you’ll be a DIY expert in no time. Alternatively, you could always enlist the help of a professional to make installing your new shelving truly effortless.

Illuminate dull areas with atmospheric lighting

atmospheric lighting

No Instagram feed is free from the warm glow of fairy lights or festoon lighting. While fairy lights have always been used to create a magical atmosphere (especially in children’s rooms), festoon lighting has seen a recent surge in popularity. Boasting an oversized bulb and a traditional warm white light, these lights provide an enchanting amount of illumination and are generally seen hung around fairgrounds in 1950 American movies.

However, they’ve made their way into our homes and gardens in recent years and are now a popular and easy way to create good lighting and a relaxed ambiance. They can be hung along everything from bookcases and bed frames to wardrobes and mirrors, providing a golden wave of illumination that’ll make all your home interior pics seem extra special. Most importantly, many festoon lights boast waterproof qualities so you can even hang them in your garden to create a more inviting outdoor space.

Alternatively, if the bulky size of festoon lighting seems too indelicate for your liking, there’s an abundance of string lights that can help to achieve the same welcoming effect without the oversized design. To complete your cosy, illuminated indoor or outdoor area, we recommend stocking up on some fluffy blankets and plenty of pillows to create the perfect place to unwind after a long day.

Check out the video below to discover some handy DIY lighting hacks to transform your garden today. With these tips and tricks hidden up your sleeve, it won’t be long before you’re basking in the glow of warm fairy lights when those balmy summer evenings roll in!

Embrace the radiator cover trend

radiator cover trend

Anyone that’s social media savvy and up to date with their home interior trends will be well aware of the current desire for radiator covers. A radiator cover is perfect for hiding the unappealing design of any tired-looking and old-fashioned radiators, but they also have a range of additional benefits. This includes the fact that they can muffle annoying gurgles and hisses from your heating system and prevent curious little hands (and paws!) from receiving a nasty burn from the hot radiator surface.

Plus, they also allow you to reclaim space in your chosen installation room as they often boast a handy shelf along the top. The shelf can be used to display ornaments, house plants and flowers, or simply provide a dedicated place to put down your keys or position a practical lamp. Some of the most popular radiator covers are finished in neutral colours like beige or grey to ensure they fit seamlessly into the majority of modern homes.

Even better, they can be snapped up in a range of colours, sizes and shapes to suit your home interior style and radiator. Some radiator covers are even adjustable and come with folding slats that expand along the width, so you don’t have to worry about getting your measurements spot on. Ready to install a radiator cover? We suggest taking a look at our ultimate guide to radiator covers that walks you through the benefits of these fabulous fittings, how to measure for your installment, and a few choice picks to tempt you. 

With a home this chic, who needs filters?

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