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Six Ways To Style Your Radiator Cover As Shown By OnBuyers

Published 5th May 2021
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A relatively recent and incredibly popular home interior trend, radiator covers have become essential additions for many modern homeowners looking for a quick and easy way to update their décor. Practical and stylish, they offer a host of benefits, including disguising unsightly off-white radiators, providing useful surface space for displaying your ornaments, and even muffling those annoying gurgling noises some radiators make. Best of all, they’re available in all kinds of shapes, sizes, materials, and colours to suit every household, giving you an abundance of home inspiration to play with. 

So, whether you’ve been persuaded by these advantages or you’ve always wanted a radiator cover, but you’re not quite sure how to style it to suit your home, you’re in the right place! In this blog, we’ll explore how some style-savvy customers have made radiator covers (ordered from OnBuy!) their own with just a few simple and contemporary styling decisions. From where they’ve placed them in their homes to the ornaments they’ve chosen to pair with them, we’ll take a look at a range of fantastic radiator cover ideas while explaining how you get the same amazing results in your own abode.

Introduce a handy addition to your hallway

radiator cover in your hallway

Photo credit: @life.at.number_1

One of the most useful aspects of installing a radiator cover is that it adds an additional surface space to any area, which is ideal for keeping track of important household items when you’re always on the go. This pale blue radiator cover, for example, has been handily positioned in the hallway, creating the perfect space for placing a delightful fragrance diffuser. Not only will a decorative diffuser look charming when put on display, but it’ll also fill your home with an inviting scent and create a more welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests. Plus, thanks to its compact design, it also leaves plenty of space for placing car keys, mobile phones, and even wallets for easy access as you head out of the door. 

By doubling up as a sleek sideboard, a radiator cover can transform a hallway from a bland entryway leading to your home’s more exciting rooms into a visually appealing area and a room in its own right. This radiator cover in particular boasts a stunning shade of pale blue that’s very on-trend right now, which stands out beautifully against the neutral beige backdrop. The attention-grabbing colour scheme also expertly takes the eye away from the essential electricity fuse box, leading you to admire the charming pampas grass arrangement below instead. One way of ensuring your radiator cover matches its surroundings is to select an unpainted model like this Unfinished Oxford Radiator Cover from Home Discount. Available in a range of sizes, simply paint using the colour of your choice to make it either blend in or stylishly stand out!

Embrace the rustic home décor theme

home decor with your radiators

Photo credit: @homeontheridgeway

For a more rustic vibe, opting for a radiator cover with a natural-looking wooden top is always a good idea. By introducing this radiator cover into a room that’s filled with furniture made from industrial-looking black metal and warming wood materials, you can prevent a bulky off-white radiator from spoiling the contemporary rustic home interior. This bright white radiator cover has been strategically placed in a dining room against a dark background for more impact. Despite standing out, it still complements the colour scheme as it matches the adjacent wall and boasts a similar wood tone to the surface of the dining table - just like this striking, vertical-slatted Medium Grey Oak Top Radiator Cover from York.

Both the dining table and the radiator cover have also been finished off with a vase of pampas grass, making the two surfaces seem even more harmonious. Not only is this area the perfect place to display a few ornaments, but it’s become a focal point in the room thanks to the selection of hanging prints that frame the radiator cover. By taking advantage of the wall space and positioning the prints on the wall instead of on top of the cover, you can prevent a cluttered look and save practical surface space, too. The white picture frames also help to incorporate the white radiator cover into the dining room’s rustic yet contemporary colour scheme.

Keep it clean and modern

clean and modern decor

Photo credit: @ourwhinfell_11

Searching for some more home décor ideas? Why not get inspired by our next OnBuyer and their enticing white radiator cover? Styled to look incredibly chic and modern, this cover has been cleverly positioned near a pair of french doors and finished off with a generously-sized mirror hung just above the cover. The mirror, natural light, and full-white radiator cover colourway combination helps to bounce plenty of light around the room for an airy and spacious feel that’ll breathe life into any home. Plus, the completely white radiator cover seamlessly blends into the white wall background, which is ideal if you want your ornaments to be the star of the show and not the unit they’re resting on.

In this home, they’ve adorned their radiator cover with a selection of mirrored home accessories to match the silver tones featured on the mirror and the stunning chandelier. To bring the outdoors in, there’s also a charming floral arrangement filled with soft, neural flowers that follows the bright and airy theme of this light-filled space. This clean and modern approach is one of the most popular radiator cover ideas if you want to benefit from the practical advantages of having a radiator cover (such as the display space and hiding your radiators) instead of using it as a home interior style statement. 

Garlands galore!

radiator garlands

Photo credit: @our188home

For any homes with long radiators, an extra large radiator cover can create a generous amount of surface space for decorating your home with your favourite ornaments. Similar to our previous OnBuyer, this home has adopted a full-white colour theme. From the blinds to the walls and even the ornaments, this completely white colour palette allows their chosen festive decorations to stand out. The festive addition is primarily green and features all kinds of elegant Christmas-themed items, including silver bells, sparkling lines of beads, and snow-covered pine cones. It’s finished off with large, blooming white flowers to match the white colourway. 

It’s also worth noting that it’s been installed underneath a large window, allowing plenty of natural light to flood into the room and be bounced around by the various bright white surfaces in the room. If you want to achieve a similar style in your home, why not check out this Adjustable Milton White Radiator Cover from Home Discount? The sleek white exterior and modern grille design is very similar to this radiator cover and is perfect for covering large radiators as well as hot and unsightly pipes from your central heating system. Constructed from MDF, it’s wonderfully robust yet effortless to install - perfect!

Pair with a large mirror for extra impact

large mirror on radiator cover

Photo credit: @homeatoldhallroad

Unlike some radiator cover styling we’ve seen previously where mirrors have been hung on the wall above the unit to reflect light around the room, this OnBuyer has rested the mirror upon the radiator cover, immediately creating a more relaxed atmosphere. This injects instant charm into any dining room and helps to keep your home in pristine condition by displaying your treasured memories on surfaces instead of the wall. A useful trick if you live in rented accommodation and don’t want to damage your walls, installing a radiator cover can provide plenty of surface space for displaying your pictures and even resting a large, rustic mirror without sticking nails in your walls or accidentally ripping down the wallpaper.

This radiator cover also boasts an on-trend grey tone and oak-coloured top that perfectly matches the homeowner’s dining room set, as well as their choice of home accessories. To recreate this look, we recommend the Arlington Radiator Cover In Grey & Oak from Home Discount. Beautifully crafted, this contemporary grey radiator cover features a traditional vertical grille alongside a rustic, oak top that looks particularly eye-catching in open plan kitchen/diners. Constructed from a combination of MDF and chip wood, it can be easily moved and installed, but still stands the test of time.

Mix and match your decorative ornaments

Photo credit: @no.6_xo

A recurring theme in all our OnBuyers’ radiator cover creations you might have noticed is the combination of various decorative ornaments - and this simplistic full-white radiator cover demonstrates this technique perfectly. The selection of ornaments resting upon this minimal radiator cover includes a chunky, circular mirror, a slender silver vase containing a piece of foliage, a fragrance diffuser, and three small female silhouette figures. The variance in height, shape, and size is more entertaining for your eyes and creates a far more interesting arrangement than simply positioning a vase in the centre of the radiator cover.

The cover itself is completely white, which allows your eyes to wander and fixate on the attractive range of ornaments. Like many homeowners that want their radiator covers to blend into the background, it’s a good idea to paint your walls a bright white and to ensure the cover matches this colourway. If you’d like a similar radiator cover in your own home, we suggest taking a look at this vidaXL White MDF Radiator Cover. Boasting a matte finish, horizontal slats, and a modern style, this radiator cover is a popular choice and suits hallways, but can also be installed in practically any room with a compatible radiator.

Ready to instantly upgrade your radiators?

upgrade your radiator covers

If you’re still craving a little more home inspiration after reading this blog, we have an abundance of useful resources to help guide you, including our ultimate guide to radiator covers and our comprehensive rundown of the best radiator covers to complement your home décor. Packed with helpful tricks and radiator cover ideas, our wealth of home decorating knowledge is utterly unmissable and sure to point you in the right direction.

Alternatively, our social media is simply buzzing with activity and posts from delighted homeowners that have just picked up and styled their very own radiator cover, so why not check out our Instagram page to see some more home decoration ideas? However you decide to dress up or dress down your radiator cover, we hope our selection of radiator cover styling tips lend a helping hand. Don’t forget to DM us a picture of your radiator cover setup once you’ve finished - we love seeing your stylish and creative ideas come to life! 

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