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The Best Modern Radiator Covers For Your Contemporary Home

Published 24th March 2021
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Are you looking to cover up tired-looking or outdated radiators without paying the high cost of new ones? Radiator covers will let you do just that and are sure to save you valuable time and money! From hallways to bedrooms and everything in between, radiator covers make an excellent addition to your home and the perfect finishing touch to any room.

Whether you’re searching for a standout piece that draws your guests’ attention or you’re looking for something that will blend in and hide away your fixtures, there are an abundance of modern options out there to match your home interior. Before delving into our stylish selection, we’ve put together a few questions and answers to help you when buying a modern radiator cover.

Why buy a radiator cover?

old radiator

Celebrated for their aesthetics and practicality, radiator covers are a popular choice - and it’s not hard to see why! From safety to style, we’ve picked out some of the key reasons why a radiator cover will transform any room by warming up your home and your style.

Protection for the radiator

However sturdy and secure you think your radiator may be, it’s still at risk of being damaged if treated in the wrong way. Piping and radiator valves are often vulnerable, so extra protection for these go a long way while preventing potential, more considerable costs in the future.

Protection from the radiator

The radiator itself may not be the only thing you’re protecting! Radiator covers act as a barrier between the extra hot surface and any small children and pets you have at home. Older radiators can have sharp edges, so for children prone to bumps and bruises, a radiator cover is an easy way to childproof the home, protects them from burning themselves, and prevents any clumsy accidents.

Style and storage

Let’s face it, radiators are not the most aesthetically pleasing, and when you’ve spent time and money on beautifying your home, you don’t want ugly radiators to stick out like a sore thumb! Not only do radiator covers add a touch of style to your home, but they also reclaim forgotten space by doubling up as a shelf for accessories and trinkets such as artworkcandles or vases arranged on top.

Noise reduction

Any strange noises coming from your radiator should be looked into. However, it’s not uncommon for older radiators to be prone to insignificant (but downright bothersome!) banging pipes or dripping. Thankfully, a handy cover helps to muffle these irritating noises!


When it comes to DIY, there’s a seemingly never-ending list of tasks to do. Radiator covers are ideal for covering unsightly furnishings while you work your way through your snag list. Not only are they incredibly convenient, but they can also be bought unfinished so that you can paint them to suit your personal style and taste. A welcome addition in rented homes, radiator covers that don’t require fixing to the wall will hide your unsightly fixtures without getting you in trouble with the landlord.

How to attach your radiator cover to the wall

building radiator cover

Get your tape measure at the ready, as you're going to need to measure the length and height of your radiator (including valves), the depth of your radiator from the wall, and any skirting board or window ledges near the radiator.

To ensure that your cover isn’t hindering your radiator’s efficiency, there needs to be a minimum of 5cm in width, 3cm in height, and 3cm in depth in the space between the radiator and its cover. If your radiator is in front of or near a window, make sure your curtains won’t obstruct the grille at the front, as this will stop warm air from being distributed evenly around the room.

Are you concerned about the heat being blocked by the radiator cover? Installing household insulation in the form of reflective foil on the wall behind your radiator will give you peace of mind that any potential heat lost behind the radiator will bounce from the cover into the room.

As most radiator covers come flat-packed, they will need to be assembled. Some radiator covers come with fixing brackets to attach to the wall. However, this may make it harder to dismantle should any problems arise. Many radiator covers are free-standing and simply require lifting into place, making it easier to gain access, but aren’t as secure should you wish to put anything valuable on top. 

If you’re a dab-hand at DIY and are happy to dismantle the cover should you need to, the cover is better off being as secure as possible. Otherwise, we would recommend attaching the cover to the wall and adding magnets to the front grille for easy access.

Must-have modern radiator covers

radiator covers

Now we’ve established what to look out for when buying a radiator cover, let’s take a look at OnBuy’s superb selection of modern radiator cover recommendations that will best compliment your home’s contemporary style and décor.

Vida Designs Arlington Radiator Cover

arlington radiator cover

Pros: Chic white finish with a natural wood shelf, comes in a range of sizes

Cons: Requires assembly, only available in one colour

Size: M (H83 x W111 x L19cm), (H83 x W152 x L19cm), XL (H83 x W172 x L19cm)

The Vida Designs Arlington Radiator Cover in white is created using water-resistant MDF material, protecting the exterior from watermarks and stains. This makes it the perfect addition to bathrooms and kitchens where steam circulates and water can be spilt.

Its thin vertical slats that line the front grille allows warm air to circulate into your room, while the space between your radiator and the shelf will ensure whatever you place on top won’t feel the heat. Beautifully crafted with a handy, natural wooden shelf that complements the cover, this gorgeous home addition will suit any interior style, no matter how contemporary. Its classic white finish brightens up any dull, dark room while blending in seamlessly with any existing furnishings. For added aesthetic appeal, why not add small decorations and artificial plants to add warmth and cosiness to your home?

MDF Wood Radiator Cover Diamond Grille Matte White

diamond radiator cover

Pros: Comes with fittings and instructions, brings contemporary style to a period home

Cons: Available in one colour, suitable for small radiators only 

Size: S (H82 x W78 x D19cm)

Add charm to any room with this small MDF radiator cover in matte white. Looking excellent in an entryway or hall, this cover expertly masks those awkward, small-sized radiators. Due to the diamond grille design, this cover would suit both period and modern properties alike. This fusion of conventional and contemporary only adds to the appeal of this stunning radiator cover, offering assurance that it would suit each and every home, regardless of interior style. Its matte white finish makes it an incredibly versatile piece that’s understated yet elegant, and its generous surface top would be perfect for storing books and trinkets.

Milton Radiator Cover in Grey

Milton radiator cover

Pros: Comes in a range of sizes, easy-to-follow instructions

Cons: Only available in matte grey, requires assembly

Size: S (H82 x W78 x D19cm), M (H82 x W111 x D19cm), XL (H82 x W172 x D19cm)

Sleek and stylish, the Milton Radiator Cover with a horizontal grille is a safe option for both traditional and contemporary homes alike. Coming in an ultra-modern matte light grey, this must-have home addition adds a subtle yet somewhat standout element to your room, adding a touch of personality without encroaching on your interior style. Simple yet effective, its horizontal slats allow for effortless air circulation without showing off your unsightly radiator behind. Blending seamlessly with your home décor, this is an ideal option for adding a cosy finishing touch to your living space.

MDF Radiator Cover in Black

black radiator cover

Pros: Striking black colour, would suit a number of interior styles

Cons: Only available in one size, requires assembly

Size: H81 x W152 x D19cm

When it comes to making a statement, there’s nothing quite like a striking black fitting to elevate your home décor - and that’s where this MDF radiator cover comes in! The little black dress of the homeware world, this sleek and stylish radiator cover will blend in seamlessly with any interior design, injecting a sense of opulence and elegance to provide high-end style without the high-end price tag. The trendy slatted grille beautifully complements its modern black finish, while simultaneously giving off a light and airy feel to prevent it from appearing cumbersome. This is only enhanced by its legs, which offer a clearing between the base of the radiator and the floor. All this together ensures that you can reap the benefits of a striking black accent piece without making your room seem small or dark. This contemporary radiator cover will look instantly chic with added potted plants placed on top.

Milton Radiator Cover Unfinished Grille Cabinet

unpainted radiator cover

Pros: Gives you full creative freedom, will suit any interior style once painted

Cons: Not ideal for those who don’t have the time or resources to paint before installing, limited range of sizes

Size: S (H82 x W78 x D19cm), M (H82 x W111 x D19cm)

Add your own personal touch to your home with the Milton Unfinished Radiator Cover. Its natural, unpainted MDF material gives you the freedom to match your cover to your home’s exact colour scheme, making it an ideal choice for anyone who likes to coordinate their furnishings and fittings. On the flipside, it’s also an excellent choice for those who like to experiment with colour - why not paint it an accent colour that runs through your decorations to tie the room together perfectly? With so much creative freedom at your fingertips, the possibilities really are endless!

With a minimalistic horizontal grille design, you can decorate this contemporary radiator cover in any way you like, without fear of it looking overbearing or garish in your home. So, get your brushes, rollers and paints at the ready - your very own personalised pad is just a few steps away.

vidaXL Radiator Cover White MDF Radiator Cover

white radiator cover

Pros: Chic design, thin gap between slats prevents unsightly radiator from showing through the cover

Cons: Only available in one size and colour, lacks the decorative element of some of the others on this list

Size: H81.5 x W112 x D19cm

The vidaXL Radiator Cover in matte white is ideal for those wanting a minimalist, slatted design that pairs exceptionally well with any décor. Ideal for both small and large spaces alike, the white colour scheme adds a bright, airy feel to the room, opening up narrow hallways and complementing spacious living rooms. Constructed from sturdy, durable MDF, this radiator cover is built to last, offering years of enjoyment to come. The 2.7cm gaps between the slatted grille allow hot air to circulate throughout the room without drawing attention to the hidden radiator behind. Offering a generously-sized surface top, this modern radiator cover would suit any room dressed up with a mirror and a couple of photo frames.

Home Discount Chelsea White Radiator Cover

chelsea radiator cover

Pros: Simple design blends into any décor style, available in a variety of sizes

Cons: Only available in white, requires assembly

Size: S (H81 x W78 x L19cm), M (H81 x W112 x L19cm), L (H81 x W152 x L19cm), XL (H81 x W172 x L19cm)

Simple yet sleek, the Chelsea Radiator Cover by the homeware specialists at Home Discount beautifully combines the minimalist aesthetic of contemporary design with a chic colour scheme that wouldn’t look out of place in a more traditional home. Covered from top to bottom in brilliant white and available in all manner of sizes, this show-stopping radiator cover effortlessly complements all homes and rooms, making it a fantastic addition to your bedroom, living room, hallway, conservatory and more. Boasting an easy-to-clean vertical grille, you won’t have to worry about this radiator cover becoming a dust trap, perfect if you’re limited on time to clean or have pets that are prone to shedding their fur. As with all of the other recommendations in this guide, this charming contemporary radiator cover offers ample space on its surface top, lending itself to being decorated however you desire. 

What’s more, this fantastic fitting is made from durable MDF, which naturally dampens the whirs, clicks and clangs of noisy radiators, helping to create a tranquil atmosphere for you to relax in.

Discover the latest home décor trend

radiator cover concludion

It’s no secret that radiator covers are taking the design world by storm, and we hope our list of recommendations has inspired you to join the cover craze! If you’d like to find out more about these fabulous fittings, why not check out our selection of radiator cover guides? Among these, you’ll find our ultimate guide to radiator covers, which is packed with even more helpful pointers and tempting top picks to choose from. With so much variety out there, you’re bound to find an excellent cover to pair perfectly with your home décor.

Of course, no radiator cover is complete without a pop of personality. Delve into our extensive selection of home accessories to take your décor from dull to delightful with ease. From personal photo frames to eye-catching vases, we’ve got something to suit every home, taste and budget on our online shelves. The home of your dreams is just a few clicks away…

The information in this buyer’s guide is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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